Gamespot: Devil May Cry 4 Hands-On (PC)

PC gamers have to tip their hats to Capcom. With most of the company's major console releases also appearing on the PC, action fans don't need to run to a console to experience third-person action games like the upcoming Bionic Commando and the already released Devil May Cry 4. What you will need, however, is a gamepad.

Gamespot plugged in their handy Xbox 360 wired controller for some bloody Devil May Cry 4 action this week; keyboard controls are supported but this game is simply way too fast. Almost immediately--that is, after the awesome opening cutscene of the type that the DMC franchise is known for--Gamespot started slicing and dicing through hordes of evil creatures and sending them back to the darkness from whence they came, collecting proud souls in the process.

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moja3796d ago

Kudos to Capcom for bringing another great game to potential new owners and fans of the console versions. I typically enjoy trying them on my PC for a graphically-enhanced experience, albeit even for ridiculous frame rates.

Avto3796d ago

I hear this is like Special Edition with some new things added