Sony greens the Playstation 3

Tgdaily writes:

The Playstation 3 can be a significant contributor to your power bill, but Sony is reacting to recent criticism with a third-generation hardware version that we will be shipping this holiday season. According to media reports, the updated console will consume about 10 – 20% less power than current systems.

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PoSTedUP3822d ago

now if it comes in 80gig then im down yo. its worth the money cause it saves over time.

OOG3822d ago

people should just learn to stop keeping their systems on for 12+ hours when they are not even using it

PoSTedUP3822d ago

like the only time my electric bill was high was wen i did [email protected] other than that its all good.

lsujester3822d ago

Same here. I'm all for trying to help cure cancer and all, but my electric bill choked out my goodwill pretty quickly.

DX F3NIX3822d ago

i agree with you that was the only time my e-bill was up other than that i always turn it off. especially the 360.

DwightOwen3821d ago

People should stop telling others how much electricity to use unless they're willing to take on their bills.

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ChrisGTR13822d ago

will these make less heat? cause one of the things i hate about the ps3 particularly is how much heat comes out the back. i sit somewhat close to it and can literally feel a heat wave of air at times.

PoSTedUP3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

yo that thing heats up my room so quickly its not even funny. if you have it lying flat, the heat comes mostly out the right side. you could leave it on forever though and it still wont over heat cause one of the chips are made with silicon or something like that.

@ 5 below- now what would you have to say to that when its proven to save energy? sony wouldn't say that if they know people are going to be doing tests to see if its true or not. thats like MS saying that their newer consoles thats coming out aren't going to get the rrod cause people will eventually find out. so why lie about something that serious ?

yanikins1113821d ago


Its winter here in oz, and i mean freakin' cold. So i left [email protected] on all night in the hopes that it would slightly warm my room up. Alas, when 5:30 came around it was still freaking freezing. One thing the ps3 fails at is being a heater. Which I guess is mostly a good thing.

IdleLeeSiuLung3822d ago

ohhhh thank you almighty Sony for going green.... my ass. They are just reducing die size to reduce cost. Nothing green about it, besides a lot of green initiatives just appears to be green, but in many cases actually causes more pollution.

Don't believe everything you hear about companies going green!

juuken3822d ago

...Did someone at Sony cause harm to your family or something that you have to say something as illogical as that?

IdleLeeSiuLung3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

It was long day when I posted that comment. Anyhow, what I'm saying is that there is nothing green about their initiative to go to a lower manufacturing process. Their goal isn't to lower electricity use and go green, but rather to decrease manufacturing cost of their semiconductors. As far as I can tell there has been no major complaint about power consumption on the PS3, it barely peaks out higher than a launch 360 and is significantly using less powr than your average gaming PC.

I'm sick and tired of companies saying we are going green, but in reality they employ certain things that make the companies appear green and in many cases are actually worse to the environment. This whole green initative is just a response to consumers all of sudden worried about the environment that is manipulated about the media.

edit: I think people got confused that I was reffering to Sony in the second part of my original comment. I was not and was just a poor choice of shifting focus without breaking out into a new paragraph. My point was to indicate that when somebody says they are going green, watch carefully what they are doing. They could be lying or even making it worse as it happens all the time. In this case there was nothing green about them going 65nm! It was a financial statement thing!

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