Four Problems Facing the Wii in 2008

[Over the next two weeks, MyWiiNews is offering a four-part, in-depth series on the biggest problems that face the Wii in 2008. We'll be looking at the problems and offering a few tips for Nintendo & Co. to meet the challenges head on, and keep the console in first place. Stay tuned to catch the whole series, only at]

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Rock Bottom3796d ago

They said "We really can’t stress enough that the Wii is not doomed in any sense of the word; if anything it has the brightest lineup this year out of any other consoles."

Brightest lineup! is there a game the came out on the Wii and was so awesome that it made the Wii's 2008 lineup looks better then the PS3 or 360?

Someone please tell me, surly they don't mean Wii fit, do they?

Intrepid3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I agree. ^^ That statement was a bit out there... I love my Wii, but the 2008 lineup is a bit lackluster (as of now). There's de Blob, Deadly Creatures, and Tales of Symphonia that all look great, but that's about it so far. However, the titles with no release dates look awesome:

Disaster: Day of Crisis
The Conduit
Mad World
Tenchu IV
Monster Hunter 3
Fatal Frame IV
Arc Rise Fantasia

Those are just exclusives and not including WiiWare. Some awesome looking WiiWare titles are:

Animales de Muerte
Megaman 9
World of Goo
Eternity's Child
Lost Winds 2
Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

Product3796d ago

True although between mario kart, wii fit and smash bros if you combine those three and match it up against any 3 of the ps3 or xbox games they dont total the nintendo sales this i think they are looking at sales so far.

See though what gamers see is completely different then what businesses see.They see money.

Ps3 fans and xbox fans see one of 3 things.Sports,FPS, or third person shooters.(this is pretty much what a "real gamer" thinks about when defending ps3 or xbox and every good game on these platforms can be put into one of these three genres)if your a nintendo just see people bashing nintendo for being something different and not "mature" enough.

Rock Bottom3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

And where does games like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Devil May Cry, Ninja Guiden, Little Big Planet, God of War, Viva Pineta, Final Fantasy, lost odyssey, blue dragon, Ratchet & Clank, Elder scroll and Fallout fit between sport, FPS and third person shooters????

The Wii have some good titles, but all of them are Nintendo games, and the only AAA game that came out on 2008 was SSBB, a great game, but it can't match the PS3/360 2008 line-up alone(in my opinion at least).

Also, we all know that the best selling game on 2008 so far is GTA-IV(which I hate), so don't try playing the best selling games card.

Just like what you said, 2008 was successful for the Wii from businesses view, but not from a gamer view, at least not as successful as other consoles.

ecwecw3796d ago

that sucks cuz i thought abot getin a wii