Sonic Unleashed Wii: Are they really trying?

Just recently, Wii Live posted up scans of the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed. Now, I understand it is early to judge, and they are scans, and we haven't seen the game in motion. But the one question I have to ask: Are they really trying?

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bootsielon3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

It's not even worth it, as wii owners will buy it anyway. Besides... who bought a Wii for graphics? If you bought it for graphics, you're a dipsh1t (like the writer of this article). I thought "LOL GRAPHICS DONT MATER LOL". Stick with you last gen technology if you are so apologetic about it, just don't come crying later about how bad the games play and look.

Lukatoll3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

just because the Wii doesn't have a higher graphical capability as the other next-gen systems doesn't mean we want our games looking bad. Super Mario Galaxy is a wonderful example of how good games can look on Wii.

That's the kind of graphics that we want.

Durffen3822d ago

Really, graphics don't matter that much.

But shall I can't the amount of times I've heard PS3 owners complaining about how most PS3 games don't look better then 360 games, even though the console is capable of more?

Wii owners feel the same way.

ChickeyCantor3822d ago

F F S! read the article.
He is saying he wants developers pushing the max out of the consoles he or anyone else owns.
Its not that he wants 360 gfx >_<

DreDawgg063822d ago

Why haven't the Wii owners realized they are getting ripped off from the start anyway. $250 for last gen tech with wireless motion controls is seriously over priced and should have been $150 from the start.
I mean the xbox360 is $280 now, why would you get one...

Durffen3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Because most Wii owners are either casual gamers, or dedicated Nintendo fans. Yes, I'm a dedicated Nintendo fan, and technically, it's not last gen tech if it's stronger then all the last gen consoles.

If developers can push all this "sophisticated next-gen technology" then don't you think they would have no problem pushing what everyone calls "last-gen technology?"

Polluted3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

I don't wanna dis the wii, but it's really no more powerful than an xbox and it has less storage too.

Durffen3822d ago

The GPU (graphics processing unit) in the Wii is stronger then the Xbox's.

If the Wii has a stronger GPU, then it is stronger then the Xbox and can produce better graphics.

Most games look like PS2 games, although Technically, Wii can do games that if pushed right, wouldn't be possible on the original Xbox.

Polluted3822d ago

The wii has a slightly more advanced GPU running at 243 mhz vs the xbox's 233 mhz GPU, a slightly more advanced, but comparable CPU and an extra 24 megs of ram. Yippee.
It hardly has any storage space and apparently it has issues with pixel shading. So yes, it's a little more powerful than an xbox, but where exactly is your $250 going when you buy one of these things?

Durffen3822d ago

The $250 is going towards the controller, the Nintendo games, which are always good. I'm not saying I bought this console for graphics. No one should buy any console for graphics.

But whats wrong with wanting the most out of your console?

Polluted3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

There's nothing wrong with that at all. I agree that devs could be getting more out of the wii and if they expect to get gamer's hard earned money they need to step up their game. Guess we got off topic here, but what I was getting at was that Nintendo should at least include another wii-mote and nunchuk in the box with these things. $250 gets you a console that would have blown the competition out of the water LAST gen. They were making profit off these things the day they hit the market. That's nice for Nintendo and all, but if they're making so much money one would think that would reflect in the price of their console. Microsoft and Sony dropped the prices of their consoles like 3 times already and Nintendo hasn't once. Just because they don't need to doesn't mean they shouldn't.
Failing that, maybe they could put some of those huge profits from their hardware division into securing some good titles that don't star a fat plumber.

N4g_null3821d ago

I looked at the screens and what is missing the most is the shadow map for the levels. Shadow maps take for ever to bake and then compress for the GC and the Wii. All most no shaders are being used in that screen but surprisingly the polygon count is spot on WOW! Seriously if you do graphics thats one hell of an port for the Wii.

Even some of you guys say the secret of the rings looks better well guess what this IS a beta and not a finished game. After sonic and mario sold pretty well on the Wii I doubt that they would just let mario games out since it so much.

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Product3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Nobody is pushing the envelope on wii graphics is what im kinda po'ed about.There are some games where im like"wow thats nice" but thats maybe 4 games Metroid Prime 3 being one of them.

btw dredawgg who is winning the console war and isnt microsoft looking to copy with those "wireless motion controls"?

and to bootsielon isnt ps3 in the hole by like 3.3billion because there are selling the ps3 at lower cost then what it takes to make it?
yea but you guys are right ....... you xbox ps3 fanboys are always right.

Xiru3822d ago

Who is winning? Oh yeah, that would be Sony. Yeah thats right. Sony is winning. PS2 is still selling pretty well across the world. If you wanna throw sales numbers in our face, then why not count PS2/PS3/PSP vs Wii/DS? When you take just Wii vs PS3, yeah Wii is winning. Please don't try and say "Oh yeah, well we have more sales!" Thats not the whole story. When the PS2 retires, which it won't for another year or two, then Nintendo would technically be winning. I don't know why you guys are so happy to have them win, they haven't given you anything to be happy about except proven franchises like Mario and Smash. But whatever floats your boat, you can blindly follow them as they bring down gaming. But Product, I hope you really enjoy casual games, because thats what you are gonna get for the rest of the Wii's lifespan. Hardcore games just don't sell.

pwnsause3822d ago

this game is not going for graphics although the PS3/360 versions are giving this to us as an added bonus, but its for gameplay, gameplay in the last 3 or 4 sonic games were disastrous since Sega dropped the Dreamcast. Gameplay is a priority. i dont know if wii owners will buy the this game (not talking about you hardcore wii owners you guys will but this game) but they should if its done right. the graphics on this game is similar to PS2/xbox versions of sonic, so its not bad.

Durffen3822d ago

I agree that the this game needs to do good in the gameplay aspect. But, it just angers me that any time there is a Wii version, there is a PS2 version. And even though everyone knows how much stronger the Wii is compared to the PS2, no one takes advantage of it.

Product3822d ago

true about the ps2 ports im getting sick of them if people really want to sell a wii game put the effort into it.
and something everyone can agree on effort sells games.

Durffen3822d ago

As much as I wish I could agree, it seems I can't.

The reason why Wii doesn't have hardcore titles is because they don't sell. Effortless casual titles like Carnival Games sell very well (carnival games sold over a million copies.)

ChickeyCantor3822d ago

They dont sell because " core " gamers dont support them
and when they don sell " core " gamers complain Wii sucks because " core" games dont sell.

.....Well who is the blame!

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