Street Fighter IV Dated

For Arcades...In Japan.
Capcom has announced that Street Fighter IV will be rolling out to Japanese arcades on July 18. That's less than a month! If you're not Japanese, don't let it get you down. Because for Americans, it'll also be available to play at Comic-Con on July 24-27

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bootsielon3497d ago

They made it fast. Will it come out in the holiday? If so then the Wii will keep being snubbed by the harcore gamers, even if it gets an inferior port with no online play, last-gen graphics and gimmicky controls.

OOG3497d ago

sweet will be able to hear comments about this game soon enough...see if it lives up to the previous ones

Skerj3497d ago

Hmm, even though this game has disappointed me so much (HUGE Streetfighter fan btw), I still look forward to its console release. You'll probably see me online everyday in SF4 then, until Capcom says Tatsunoko vs Capcom is coming to a console (PS3) with online play then SF4 can go to hell.

alxramos3497d ago

Ok this makes the trip to Comic Con a MUST! the rest in the show will just be a plus... jejeje

Timesplitter143497d ago

I wish arcades weren't dead here

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