Sony needs to stay humble and focused

13 or 14 million sales in year one is great, but it shouldn't fool Sony into thinking that it's okay to forget that humility. PS4 has momentum, but momentum isn't unstoppable and those numbers don't even represent a fraction of the core market which Sony must win in order to capture the lion's share of the generation that it's hoping for. Microsoft remains a tougher competitor than any Sony has faced in the core console market thus far; it has deep pockets, the ability to learn and adapt rapidly, and will not allow the Xbox One to lose all the ground it gained so expensively with the Xbox 360 without fighting tooth and nail for every inch.

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TheLyonKing1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Sony is being humble. There playstation experience is showing that they still care. Just cause xbox are running their mouths every day about how amazing they are going to be doesn't mean sony does,they are saving news for playstation experience.

They are doing all they can with the resources they have, they aren't in a strong position as they were when the original playstation and ps2 were announced.

Of course this is humble opinion

Pogmathoin1455d ago

Love the punch line at the end there LyonKing.

spacedelete1455d ago

i'm a PS4 owner and my opinion is Sony aren't. they have been serving us absolute trash with homemade indie games and no feature we actually want like DLNA and removing everything PS3 had. don't kiss their backside as if everyone pretends to be happy Sony can and will take advantage of that.

DragoonsScaleLegends1455d ago

We don't need DLNA when PLEX works better on PS4. Lot's of indie games are awesome with some exceptions of course.

MajorGecko1455d ago

yah because every device supports whatever the heck "PLEX" is...dont be dumb everything needs DLNA to communicate these days, and Indie games are good for a day tops before u have done everything.

Cupid_Viper_31454d ago

You know what, I'll come out and flat out say it. Anyone who feel as though DLNA was more important than Share play, needs to sell their ps4 and buy an XBox One while Microsoft is still practically giving them away.

If you're playing indi games on a system with Final Fantasy Online, Warframe, Infamous Second Son, FIFA 15, FarCry 4, Call of Duty, LBP3, TLoU Remastered, GTa5 remastered, MLB15 the Show, NBA 2k15, War Thunder, BlackLight retribution, and countless more games, THEN IT'S BECAUSE YOU WANT TO.

DLNA is very low on my list of things that I want. So speak for yourself, and not "us".

Death1454d ago


To be fair I personally would get more use out of DLNA than I would Shareplay. Just because you feel strongly about Shareplay doesn't mean everyone does. Some can't even use it since their upload speeds may not be good enough to stream from their console.

I don't think Sony is being arrogant, but I do question how much in touch they are with their target audience. When Sony comes out and says they don't think customers find value in free pack in games or price cuts, but are looking for a consoles with the ability to have a TV subscription I wonder a little if they have the same internet as I do. My guess is they didn't want to come out and say they can't afford pack ins and discounts so they came out with an alternate answer. I think they would have been better off just calling it the way it is. I was shocked to see what they define as value.

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miyamoto1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )


Yet another subtle paid damage control publicity stunt agains PlayStation courtesy of M$.

The M$reputation management campaign is really on a roll, eh?
Japanese people are the most polite people in the world unlike M$ loudmouthed Aaron Greenburg, Major Nelson, Molyneux, Tsunoda, Ballmer, Mattrick.
M$ is known for mud sl8nging trash talk since the first Xbox because they have tons of money.

When Sony says they are going for the larger market that means the PS4 is gonna be even more consumer friendly like the PS and PS2.
This has been a move many PlayStation gamers have been clamoring for the PSP, PS3, PS Vita for years! Its a great thing to happen after they have brought a strong message that PlayStation is dedicated and so focused at hardcore gamers.

Now its the general public on the spotlight so that PlayStation will make gaming for all types of gamers in a family.

Death1454d ago

When you use M$ and $ony it is very hard to take you seriously.

Everything you said is 100% opinion and most is based on ignorance. If you haven't seen the mudslinging from both sides, you simply don't want to see it. Both companies have said things they probably wanted to take back.

Larry is a marketing guy at Microsoft. He is telling you what he is allowed to say. That is why he still has a job. From all of my dealings with Larry I felt he was being more reserved than he wanted to be. He never came off to me as being arrogant. Mr. Ballmer is actually a very nice guy. He's extremely passionate at what he does. He didn't achieve what he has because he's a loudmouth or arrogant, he accomplished what he did because he's very intelligent and very driven. When you meet him in person he's very polite and even funny.

I never met Greenburg or Mattrick. I was just as amazed as anyone at some of the things both have said.

Mr. Molyneux is a pioneer in gaming. He has done more for gaming than most in the industry. He is another I have never had the opportunity to meet but I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. The only fault I can give him is he doesn't always translate his creative visions to a finished product as much as he wants. His vision is often restrained by his technical ability.

Kingdomcome2471454d ago

You can't possibly believe that this article is funded by Microsoft. The article doesn't even really badmouth Sony. I'm truly astounded by some people on here.

rainslacker1454d ago

I dunno, Sony has been pretty vocal about it's success and the games they have announced and what they plan to offer and what they're working on, and so on.

They don't shy away when the questions are asked, but it is apparent that they are a lot more humble than they were last gen...sometimes starkly apparent. They are certainly confident though, which is typical of the PlayStation division.

I think they know they have a great offering going into next year, and the value of the PS4 is there for a new gen. I don't think they need to react too much, because they have certainly surpassed their initial expectations that they were hoping for right before launch...almost doubling it in fact. They should be quite happy with the PS4's success.

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JoGam1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

I think Sony learned from their mistakes during the PS3 generation. After dominating the PS2 era Sony got arrogant but in the PS3 era the tough times and struggles made them more humble. They learned.

Yes just an opinion.

Elwenil1455d ago

If you have ever tried to get a real problem resolved with their customer service you would know that at least that division of Sony is anything but humble.

SniperControl1454d ago

I have worked in the IT sector for a long time and deal with MS on a daily basis, all i can say is, MS customer service is terrible, there solution to 99% of problems is to upgrade to thier latest packages.
It is so infuriating sometines.

Death1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

My Kinect stopped working last week. I called 1-800-4MY-XBOX. The representative was oddly American and spoke good old fashioned English. She worked me through the trouble shooting steps which she was obviously reading from. Within a few minutes we had it back up and running. It was a very pleasant experience. Even in the past when my launch 360 RROD'd, Support was very professional and courteous. My only complaint then was I had a very hard time understanding "Bob" through his very heavy Indian accent.

I fortunately never had to call Sony customer service with my PS3 so I can't compare the two companies. I replaced multiple original Playstations, but those went through EB Games extended warranty. I called on my PS2's when they stopped working but the warranty was horrible and Sony at the time simply told me to buy another console.

Nintendo customer support is the absolute worst. I bought my daughter a Wii for Christmas the year it came out. It was next to impossible to find and when she opened it up for Christmas it didn't even power up. When I called Nintendo they required me to pay for a new console up front. They actually charged my credit card in full for a new console with shipping before they would send a replacement. Once I sent my broken new console back they issued a credit a month later. I would have returned it to the store, but they didn't have one to replace it with.

1454d ago
Kingdomcome2471454d ago

@SniperControl- I can honestly say that all of my experiences with Xbox support have been top notch. Especially in the beginning when I had some issues, I had numerous reps go above and beyond for me. I can't speak to their other product's customer servive quality, though.

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Sharky2311454d ago

Is it me or is the guy that took Jack Trenton's place the only person that seems arrogant? Maybe he was nervous when they introduced him but I just got that feeling. He could be totally different the next time we see him. I miss Jack!

rainslacker1454d ago

He's not really arrogant, but he doesn't have much personality that gamers can relate to...and tends to come across more as a business man than Jack Tretton or Andrew House...or most other PS execs for that matter.

He seems to be pretty on top of things though, probably because he is all about business. If you notice though, Andrew House seems to have become the new face for public appearances.

Maybe over time he'll gain some confidence and realize that gamers like a more personable guy. I've seen him in interviews and he can be quite pleasant and down to earth.

user74029311455d ago

Keep Outselling the competition

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brotherlymoses1455d ago

As long as people keep buying their systems without them having to do anything, then they'll just not give a fuck. That's what happened with the 360 last gen.

DigitalRaptor1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

But PS4 has more games right now, and plenty, plenty more to look forward to next year. Sony isn't the kind of company to drop support for a product unless it's selling miserably - like the Vita. PlayStation's 10 year cycle is no joke, they will keep the experiences coming.

That happened with the 360 last-gen because of the unfortunate Kinect distraction. I'd say Project Morpheus could be capable of providing the same kind of distraction, but luckily it's already been receiving strong and positive feedback and is compatible with worthy core experiences.

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