Ask Massively: Massively's Guide to MMO Etiquette

Massively: "There are many references to MMO etiquette out there, and I have even been asked to conduct a "class" on MMO etiquette at an upcoming convention. (I am not saying that in order to plug Dragon*Con, you'll get plenty of that later.) This is more of an exercise in empathy and common sense than a list of gaming commandments.

I'm going to deliver my answer in three parts. The first part is meant for the "Noob" who might stumble across this column while doing a Google search for "Age of Conan Walkthrough." The next part will be for folks like VSL who have had enough of the rampant "Noobism" (that's not a word, but it should be). The last part is going to be a surprise, not the good kind, for the group of people to whom this will apply."

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