How to install Linux on your Nintendo DS

This Nintendo DS install requires some specific gear that lets you load software onto the DS. Before you load the distro, you will need a few pieces of hardware. The first is the GBA Movie Player (GBAMP), a device that works like the old GameShark devices for video game consoles and lets you load and run software onto the DS. Then, you'll need a CompactFlash (CF) card, which pops into the GBA Movie Player slot.

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pharmd3822d ago

lol..... DS linux FTW

-Neon-3822d ago

The only reason someone would do this is to say they have linux running on their DS. Why,o, why......

n00bzRtehgey3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

ill stick to roms and porn on my m3

Kyrue3822d ago

They say that you can't go back to running DS games after installing linux. Maybe I'm wrong, but perhaps Flashme could be installed to offset linux? Just a thought I had, and don't play to test lol.