GamesRadar/N4G Integration

Hello, fellow Radarians! Wanted to let you guys know about a fantastic little (well massive, actually) integration GamesRadar got going up tomorrow with our buddies over at N4G. For those not in the know, is a great up-to-the-minute gaming news, previews, and features site based entirely around user submitted stories.

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shazam3585d ago

What is up with the lists? And most of the time they suck as if they weren't even made by a gamer.

BIoodmask3585d ago

that you won't be able to post GamesRadar news on N4G anymore? Or will they still be 2 separate entities?

MK_Red3585d ago

"GamesRadarTyler..." replied to similair question saying: "We're not merging, N4G is an independent entity".
I think GR is gonna be using N4G as its news source but we can still psot their reviews and aritlces.

Cool news. More power to the N4G!

BIoodmask3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

I am glad they are still separate. GamesRadar posts a lot of interesting articles. Also they get a lot of previews first. Usually IGN and GamesRadar are good for previews.

pharmd3585d ago

im more worried about the addition of more flaming fanboys dammit....

they better stay out of the ******, yeah you know where im talking about

Harry1903585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

dammit,I use it as a source(to submit articles,reviews and previews preferaley).Good thing I still will be able to do so.

Strange,someone disagrees with that....must be a disgruntled contributor.

Kraken3585d ago

Great news whatever it means.

darkshiz3585d ago

GameRadar has great joke articles and regular gaming article as well.

Win win situation.

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The story is too old to be commented.