Nokia releases results of mobile gaming survey

Nokia's next-generation N-Gage platform is launching next year, but the company has already been conducting research into mobile gamers' habits and desires.

In a study of 1,800 gamers across China, Germany, India, Spain, Thailand and the US, Nokia found that 80% play at least once a week, with 34% playing every day. The average session length is a respectable 28 minutes, too. 61% of gamers play on the move, while 62% play at home...

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MicroGamer4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

"All of this research will go into making the next-gen N-Gage platform as good as possible."

Give up already. N-Gage sucked the first two times around. Nobody is going to buy another one and good luck finding a retail channel for them. Gamestop and EBX both got burned bad and were giving away 10 FREE games with each N-Gage to unload them. I doubt they are going to take a chance like that again.