PlayStation World: Tomb Raider: Underworld Preview

Those gravity-defying boobs may be smaller, the body a few pounds bulkier and the trademark green top and khaki shorts replaced by a dark brown halter top and black shorts, but this is still Lara as you know her and at her feistiest. And she's lost none of her daredevil spirit. Tipped off by a family friend that her father discovered the coordinates of a ruin on the floor of the Mediterranean, Lara grabs a boat, straps on her scuba gear and takes the plunge where she discovers proof that the Norse underworld did exist and Thor's hammer is real.

And the mythical hammer just happens to give its wielder the power to destroy the gods, turn mountains into valleys and generally lay waste to all civilization. Well, you can't really blame her for being a bit nosy, can you?

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