Far Cry 4 Map Editor Trailer

From "If you haven’t had a chance to try your hand at map creation, you need to get in the game! The Map Editor is an incredibly powerful tool that lets you create, play and share your own unique challenges. Using assets from the world of Far Cry 4, you’ll be able to add everything from vehicles to elephants to AI soldiers to weapons - even a golden effigy of Pagan Min. Become a dev and let the world experience your vision!"

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Eldyraen1462d ago

I see myself playing around with this some point after I finish Campaign and a couple other games (namely DA3).

I have always enjoyed editors but usually as a meta game instead of actually sharing anything ;)

MoeStedley1462d ago

Is there a stutter slider for gameplay?

scark921462d ago

Never forget the amazing levels on PS3 from Far Cry 2 that were made, should have invested it more in FC3, I will for this game though!