Planet Xbox 360: LEGO Indiana Jones Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "It just feels right that the Lego video game franchise's first foray away from Jedi would be another George Lucas property. If any film series can rival Star Wars in terms of iconic silver screen moments in the eighties, it would have to be everyone's favorite fedora-wearing adventurer/teacher, Indiana Jones.
The game follows the same formula that made the Star Wars game such a blast. They tackle each of the three original films, delivering the important cut-scenes with the same silly mumbled mimicry that is hard not to laugh aloud at. The developers know what moments fans of the films expect, and deliver them hilariously. Designed as more of a 'whole family' experience, the game stops short at ripping out any beating hearts or melting any faces, but rest assured there are airplane propellers and monkey brains to make up for them. There is something adorable about a Lego decapitation. Developers also sprinkle in a few bits of crossover humor from the Star Wars universe, like Indy's attempt to pass off a C3P0 head as the idol at the start of Raiders Of The Lost Ark. The game delivers the kind of cutesy laughs that keep hardcore gamers from caring about how easy the platforming title really is."

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