Socom: Confrontation close quarters combat Video stems from Media Day

Courtesy of GameVideos, this is close quarters military action at its finest. check out this hi-resolution new gameplay footage from the Media Day.

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Real gamer 4 life3826d ago

I just saw the gameplay video and i must say that the game look sweet. i definitily can not wait for this game to hit the stores.

DavidMacDougall3826d ago

Saw old footage of this game wasnt to bothered

But that looked sweet !

RevN8r3826d ago

I was expecting hand to hand combat based from the title. This is close quarters combat, but it's all guns ablazin'.

Still, this is looking better every time I see something new about it! It'll definitely be a first day buy for me!

C_SoL3826d ago

They have really polished the game from last time I've seen it.......but ya where is the CQC?....

mikeslemonade3826d ago

I think i'm gonna have the nostalgia for the old maps but the new maps look too much of the same as rainbow six and COD4.

hazeblaze3826d ago

Yea, I was interested in SOCOM but never really a huge fan... this was the first trailer that has me really looking forward to it. Looked pretty sweet.

morganfell3826d ago

I have been a fan since SOCOM. This looks like a hopped up SOCOM II which is what we have been wanting for a long time. It will be one of the two big online titles this fall.

JBaby3433826d ago

This looks very COD4 reminiscent. Socom involves tactical combat and this just looks more like run n'gun. Either way I can't wait for it. They have polished it up a lot.

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IceReign3826d ago

This game is going to make be a very happy gamer.

Chubear3826d ago

I actually giggle like a little school girl everytime I see something new on SOCOM:con. I just cant' wait to get my fix of this sweet sweet SOCRACK... and it's in 1080p too - the purest form of SOCRACK.

SmokingMonkey3826d ago

game just gets better and better. 32 players online should be the standard by now for true next gen online games.
did you hear the bullets!
and the motion sensing peek and crouch function seems really cool can't wait for this one.
SOCOM is coming to the PS3, anyone who calls themself a true gamer should understand what that means.

wangdiddy823826d ago

socom and warhawk are 2 great online titles..

SmokingMonkey3826d ago

both support 32 players online and both are sold on bluray disc and on psn. i like these online only games - make your own story!

JBaby3433826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

LBP should bring a lot to the table.

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The story is too old to be commented.