Nidzumi: Guitar Hero World Tour Preview

Nidzumi writes: "It's easy to dismiss Guitar Hero World Tour as a cash in on the success that Rock Band had but on a second glance you'll spot all the extra features that Activision are adding to the genre. So many good features and ideas on paper should really result in a decent game, right?

Guitar Hero World Tour will feature a drum set, microphone and two guitars just like Rock Band but GHWT are definitely giving EA a run for their money. First off the Create A Rocker mode has totally been re-thought by adding Guitar and Drum customization. Character options range from age to poise and from make up to tattoo's. Though it has to be said that Rock Band had a lot of these features first.

The instruments now have their unique side, mainly the controversial Drum set that is not compatible with Rock Band because of its extra cymbal and velocity sensitive features . More importantly the Guitar will feature a touch pad just below the fret buttons that allow the user to change the pitch of a held note. These aren't massively game changing mechanics but should play a decent role in making this game stand out against the competition."

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