The 5 Things You Need to Know About Killzone 2

The 10-Cent Tour: Sony's so-called "Halo-killer" didn't exactly kill, or even maim, any Halos. Maybe the second one will. A boy can dream, no?

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Wildarmsjecht3819d ago

Or..maybe we can stop calling it a Halo Killer. Halo was good, Halo 2 was slightly better. Halo 3....i won't go there. People labeling anything as a killer of something are retarded. I personally think I might enjoy KZ2 more than I did Halo 3. Does that make it a killer in my eyes? No. Would it be a better game if my predictions about it come true? Yes. Will it be AS hyped and AS marketed as Halo 3? Nope, so it won't be a halo killer in any of those regards. Next thing you know, we'll be having Banjo Kazooie as the Mario Killer. Just. Stop.

JokesOnYou3819d ago

besides Halo3 already proved to be a huge success, it broke records and made history, nothing short of a time machine to go back a blow up Bungies studio will change that...if everything goes well all KZ2 can do from this point on is turn out to be a great game and establish its own name as a success.


OoLegendoO3819d ago

Didnt the developer of K2 said himself that Killzone is not like Halo so it cant be a killer ? Halo and K2 have different styles

Time_Is_On_My_Side3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Actually the "Halo Killer" comment came from the press when they (developers) said it would be one of the best first person shooters on the market. At the time Halo 2 was going to come out so in other words they (the press / journalist) put two and two together. It's like me saying I'll make the best persistant online game then all of a suddent my game is labeled as the "World of Warcraft Killer."

I've never heard them (developers) actually say they wanted to be a "Halo Killer." So this is just my assumption, if you think about it journalist need a catchy title for articles.

Grahammad3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

One magazine says its the Halo-killer 5 years ago and they are still stuck with that burden just because 1 idiot said it. Thats ridiculous, so for the last time, its not a killer of anything... except the Helghast. ;)

And what is this? I mean, common, it looks like the negative media are pulling out all the stops now. I'm not one for most of these game conspiracies either, but something weird is up here. We haven't seen everything about the game yet so these guys... please shut up. We know that their are weather based weapons we have yet to see so that there is innovative... a 1st person cover system on the scale and depth that Killzone 2 has is innovative. Taking all the greatest advancements in the genre and stitching them all together into one fluid experience is innovative.

But whats with this new gamer vocabulary now where innovative needs to be everywhere? There are lots and lots of great games that aren't innovative and simply well presented. What other innovations do you want anyway, and better yet, why do you need them? The game plays differently than others. People say its too much like COD4 for example but COD4 plays completely different. The cover system makes it different... it lets you be a bit slower and more methodical in your approach to a situation. Mean while, even more different, the lack of any type of aim assist makes the player make more precisely placed shots and increases the overall skill required to do exactly what you want. Does this make COD4 a bad game or a game for "noobs"? No, but it does make a DIFFERENT game.

DJtyler3819d ago

I had high hopes for Killzone 2. Unfortunately it seems almost every hands-on preview has left people unimpressed (except for graphics of course). I think Resistance 2 is going to be a huge critical and commercial success. Killzone 2 will still be enjoyed by many PS3 owners but won't have the impact of MGS4, LBP, or Resistance 2.

jessupj3819d ago

I have to somewhat agree. At this point I haven't seen much of the game, let alone played it so I could be completely wrong. But it seems like a bit of a generic shooter. Very nice graphics, but of the gameplay I haven't seen much to 'wow' me. I really want this to be an awesome game since I own a ps3 now, but the gameplay just didn't look fun. I didn't really see anything to make it stand out from other FPSs.

Mainly I want to see really really smart A.I. We have much better technology now, so there shouldn't be much excuse to not develope a solid A.I.

In any case, here's to wishing KZ2 will be a great game :)

meepmoopmeep3819d ago

this game is going to get nitpicked far more than any game in existence.

Chubear3819d ago

I can see it now.

"The grass doesn't have an actual smell to it like real grass does. Killzone II looks "OK" for the most part but certain graphical miss steps hamper it a lot. Like how the refraction & reflection of light on dust particles from explosions don't seem to be rendered quite right and this really spoils the overall presentation. Make no mistake about it, Killzone II tried some things but when you don't have lavender, Purple and gold coloured weaponary it really drags the gameplay alot - 7/10"

Want a bet some website like 1up, gamestrailers or gamespot will have a similar layout? @[email protected]

meepmoopmeep3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

yeah, didn't you know that reviewers have this cool Nitpick Toolset for PS3 exclusives? it comes with all types of cool gadgets from magnifying glasses, to color pallet detectors, to infrared goggles and the godsend of them all the "Too Much Variety analyzer thing-a-ma-bob thingy, etc.

it's an official kit exclusively for the PS3


Tommy Vercetti3819d ago

There is no anti-PS3 conspiracy fanboys. The review scores for MGS4 prove it. If killzone receives negative reviews its not "nit-picking" it's because it's sub-par, like the first one. There are plenty of great games coming to PS3 like LBP, FFXIII, and Resistance 2. Killzone 2 may end up being average. Deal with it.

beavis4play3819d ago

killzone 1 got 7s and 8s.....and that is sub-par?

NG2 has gotton 7s and 8s.....that's sub-par too, right?

by the way. i liked killzone 1; and that's all that matters to me. NG2 is fun too. people need to give the emphasis on these scores a rest.

meepmoopmeep3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

wow, like how that one newspaper give mgs4 a 6/10 or the eurogamer dude who's negative reasons for it was because a bottle didn't look realistic enough and the glass didn't shatter realistically right? that's not nitpicking?

there's no conspiracy theory that the media and industry has hated on the playstation brand for 3 generations now. it's apparent.

i'm not saying all reviewers are non-professionals but there are some in-closet fanboy reviewers out there. saying they don't exist is just as absurd as the conspiracy theorists.

this game has been overblown with hype since the first trailer shown and a lot of people are expecting too much from it. it's sony's fault for this predicament they've placed themselves in and KZ2 is going to go through the ringer for this.

Tommy Vercetti3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

I don't think Killzone 1 was a bad game. It just didn't live up to all the hype. All I'm sayin is here we all are again doing the same thing with Killzone 2, which probably won't live up to expectations. Don't disagree with me people I might get mad and get my Chainsaw!

P.S. beavis4play: I agree NG2 is sub-par when compared to the original.

meepmoopmeep3819d ago

i agree with you Tommy i don't think it will live up to what everyone is expecting from it. it's way overhyped and sony is to blame for it.

but i don't think it will be a horrible game either. Guerrilla has Sony's support now and finance and a bigger dev team so they can really make it better than KZ1.

i'll remain optimistic, but hearing game sites saying it doesn't do anything innovative is just wrong when no other FPS game gets screened like this. almost all FPS games are generic and are all the same.

JBaby3433819d ago

Apparently someone hasn't been paying attention. The PS3 has been the most criticized console I can remember. By the way several sites ripped MGS4 hard 7/10 and even 6/10 from one. But yes for the most part it was rated highly. But I think KZ2 will be picked apart for every little thing and all the 360 fans will rag on it till the end. I expect the game to be great but the opinions to be highly varied.

Tommy Vercetti3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

I have been paying attention. The PS3 was received very negatively in the beginning because of lack of quality software. Thankfully that has changed and so has most of the criticism. You can't hold up a couple negative scores for MGS4 as proof of any bias. A few idiots so what!?
It's too bad your brain isn't as big as the [email protected]@ of the girl in your pic.

cmrbe3819d ago

the media couldn't hate on MGS4 because they will look stupid if they do. HS, Uncharted and RC TOD are classic examples of reviewers nipticking on PS exclusives.

Superfragilistic3819d ago

Killzone has a metacritic of 70 and was released back in 2004, Ninja Gaidem was released in 2008 and has a Metacritic of 82 and is in a completely different genre and a different generation!

A 70 Metacritic in 2004 may not seem bad, but to put it into perspective look at it compared to games of the same genre in it's time.

The following is a list of AAA FPSs (Metacritic 85+) on both platforms:

Halo - 97 (2001)
Halo 2 - 95 (2004)
Half Life 2 - 90 (2005 Xbox)
Timeplitters 2 - 90 (2002 PS2)
Brothers in Arms: RtH30 - 88 (2005)
Doom 3 - 88 (2005)
Timesplitters 2 -88 (2002 Xbox)
Red Faction - 88 (2001 PS2)
MoH: Frontline - 88 (2002 PS2)
Half Life - 87 (2001)
SOCOM 2 - 87 (2003)
Rainbow Six 3 - 86 (2003)
Unreal Championship 2 - 85 (2005)
Far Cry Instincts - 85 (2005)
Brothers in Arms: EiB - 85 (2005)

In total there are almost 50 FPS titles that were released on the Xbox and PS2 that were more highly regard than the decidedly average Killzone with a metacritic of 70.

This is why I'll be watching Resistance 2 instead, as it's prequel is not only the finest FPS on the PS3 outside of COD4, but it is a AAA title (Metacritic 86) and is in the top ten shooters of this generation.

JBaby3433818d ago

The fact that a few reviewers still gave MGS4 a bad score considering it was so highly rated by most others shows that those reviewers (who typically always hate on the PS3) are biased because they can't even give a truly great game a decent score. Secondly pretty much all multi-plats are rated better on 360 despite being the same on both at this point (at least for most multi's). The conspiracy and MS money are both very much alive.

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