New Killzone Website is Live

New Killzone 2 website has been launched.

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jkhan3823d ago

MotherH said he will be moving there next week. So hopefully we will have the Ask the Dev thread again.

Grahammad3823d ago

True, but I hope they (Motherh/E0N) will still maintain a presence on the PSU forums though as I perfere those forums even with the revamped site's forums. Either way, I'll go where I have to. ;)

Anyway, for anyone interested, the Killzone timeline is a nice new addition, anyone interested I recommend they check it out.

Pizza The Hut3823d ago

have a really bad feeling that this might be a flop?? Not bashing, or hating, but this much hype would be hard for ANY game to live up to....just saying

Svtcobrastang3823d ago

I agree i can see the reviewers bashing the game for no not liking the start menu or something stupid just to dock points.

Rikitatsu3823d ago

I see Flop Writting all over this game, they are Concentrating more on The graphics

Resistance 2 on the other hand, is shaping up to be one of the best if not the best FPS ever

PirateThom3823d ago

The gameplay looks shallow, it's basically a PS3 tech demo.


Real gamer 4 life3823d ago

how is the gameplay any different from games such as CoD4?

va_bank3823d ago

It isn't, none of them are. FPS is an FPS.

At least Resistance had an interesting story.

Bigrhyno3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

I have a feeling it may be a flop in the eyes of the industry, but I think it will meet my expectations. I am only expecting a decent shooter with great graphics and physics. I am sure it will be fun to play, but I might not play through it more than a couple of times. If they surpass that then great, but I won't get my hopes up.

fenderputty3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

seen one level and you guys are branding this a flop. First it was, "can the meet they graphic bar they set." Once they did that now its, "the gameplay looks bland."

After one level, I can tell this game looks similar to COD4 with its set pieces but takes that one step further with a cover system that's not being done with FPS. If the game shows up with relatively decent AI, its going to be intense and immersive.

We haven't seen anything regarding an online. We haven't seen any of the other levels. We know the weather comes into play, but haven't seen how. We think there's going to be a coop as well.

So again ... how are you all branding this as a flop when really all we know about the game is that it looks phenomenal.

NegativeCreep4273823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

I can see a future where some idiot who wants attention will bash the most minute detail, like saying the Killzone 2 game case smells funny or something.

Or possibly bashing the game because you can die too easily (gamers who suck at FPS usually do complain about that). Or because the bosses aren't big enough.

Or maybe some geeks will even complain that Killzone 2 isn't the greatest thing in the world because it can't get them laid. "Oh yeah, if its so great, why can't I get a girl with this game??? Huh??? If its such a visual masterpiece why doesn't it reflect some of those impeccable graphics onto me and make me look more attractive"

I know all that sounds ridiculous, but with how biased some people are towards the PS3, its not far-fetched.

Real gamer 4 life3823d ago

you know why the game is going to flop, because the industry/media already made up their minds. They won't give the game a bloody chance. As soon as they saw that Sony proved all them haters wrong that though they would never achieve the kind of visual shown in the tech demo back then, the hater got all defensive and started looking for something else to downplay the game. The gaming media can't even give credit where credit is do.

Marceles3823d ago

Yeah...everything on the PS3 has to be so "innovative" while things on every other system can be recycled and called the best game of all time. PS3 is put on such high-standards and I actually blame the KZ2 trailer for that. Everyone is just hating, but from what I've seen this is gonna be a great FPS'll be an improvement from the first thats for sure and I have faith in it since I really enjoyed Liberation on the PSP. For now we can all say the game is visually stunning since people are still calling some of the in-game screens and live gameplay with people holding the controllers in their hands "fake"...that means we're on the right track :)

juuken3823d ago

...With Sony helping?

Are you outta your mind? You-know-who would have a laugh riot with this if it flops, along with their supporters.

This game is gonna be a hit.

ban fans3823d ago

No! Get picked apart on every single tiny aspect that is not perfect? Oh yes! I expect reviews of this game to run the gamut, from 6/10 and up. This game and its hype is its own best and worst enemy. I wish people would look at an individual game for what that game is rather than comparing it to everything else and its brother. Why does each successive game have to "out-do" the last? Why not take the game at face value and enjoy? Gamers have become a very jaded bunch, in general.

resistance1003823d ago

Sales will be great, however reviews not so much i suspect.

I don't really care however, i've got my copy pre-ordered already the visuals in this alone have sold the game to me plus i loved the first one

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Booourns3823d ago

I can see the game being docked points for everything imaginable. I can assure you that this game will not be fairly reviewed at all

I will still check it out when it comes out in Feb

The Devil3823d ago

So, I see you have a minor problem with the possibility of reviewers being biased aginst Killzone in the future. PM me with the exact details of what you want (needed for all the legal mumbo jumbo) and we can put together a nice little contract.

This goes for anybody else out there who wants satisfaction quite literally beyond their wildest dreams.

LinuxGuru3823d ago

I will be reviewing this game, and I assure you that I will review it with an open mind, not based on hype and preconceived notions.

You're absolutely foolish if you let something like that influence you and your opinions.

I love video games3823d ago

i cant friggin wait for this game

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