Remote Play won't work on all games after all

whoelse on PlayStation LifeStyle:

"Yesterday there were numerous reports that Remote Play will work on all games sometime in the future...

However an industry source contacted me today to inform me that unfortunatly this isn't true and it will continue as per normal to only work with games that have been designed especially to work with it...

He did confirm the reports however that you will be able to download full PSP games in the near future via the PSP Store and you will not need the PS3 in anyway to do this."

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Silogon3820d ago

Honestly, not to discredit your information because it's probably true, but I don't think it'll work on any game due to the lack of the right amount of buttons and sticks on the psp; or lack therefor.

Ok, this was a technicality post but still. I played Lair on my psp once and realised even a game that uses just "some" of the ps3's ds3 buttons it didn't work. I could see using the PSP on "some" PSN games but even Stardust and many others wouldn't work.

Sev3820d ago

While I do respect your comment, our job is to post information.
Which is exactly what we have done here.

We care about the PlayStation fans, and we post to let them know if there is anything of interest.

It had been previously reported that "ALL" PS3 games would be available for remote play. I was skeptical sure. We just dont want people getting their hopes up for a feature that isnt coming.

I am sure you can respect that.

LeShin3820d ago


I'm not surprised about not every game beind accessible for remote play. Saying that though, the issue with LAIR's controls on the PSP have been fixed now (played it last week) You can now configure the buttons to do every move in the game.

MikeGdaGod3820d ago

yeah when playing games through remote play, the buttons can be changed so that all the buttons are present.

EXAMPLE: if you need the L2 button, you can assign the L and SELECT used together to be the "L2" button.

i just wish they'd hurry up and make more games compatible with this feature. i'd love to be able to play Civ:Revolution from anywhere.

instantstupor3820d ago

Seeing as how they can make all PSOne games playable through Remote Play, I think they should just implement the ability to play all PS2 games to play through it as well and add a disclaimer saying that it "wasn't originally intended for this use and your experience may vary" or something.

Clearly not every game would work well (as not all PSOne games do), but just give us the option to figure out which ones would work or let us struggle with the controls if we want. There are plenty of strategy games or RPG's that would work fine and I would be one happy camper if they could do it (of course, I don't know if it's technically possible just seems that if PSOne doesn't need special controls PS2 wouldn't either).

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Condoleezza Rice3820d ago

Hopefully games coming out in 2009 and beyond will be Remote Play enabled.

SmokingMonkey3820d ago

psp2 hopefully will have two analog sticks and four shoulder buttons. then any ps3 game could be played via remote play right?

Max Power3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

for a little bit. I believe Sony stated that PSP also has a life expectancy of 10 years. I am away that doesn't necessarily mean that the PSP2 won't come out until 10 years later, but i imagine that developers would begin making games for that as soon as it comes out and the PSP1 will die out.

Edit: It will be interesting to see what they do, button wise, on the next iteration of the PSP. I am sure they'll have to analog sticks, and hopefully figure a way to have the L2 and R2 buttons also but not make it too huge.

thewolf53820d ago

the games that work on the psp right now are poker and some other games, the only games that dont work that u should be complaining about are games like blast factor, or stardust, but honestly, r u gonna play MGS4 on ur PSP?, because it'll have A LOT of issues, because of everything on-screen would be delayed a little bit (cuz it's remote play), it would probably be delayed even more because of the graphics, plus the game wouldnt even be recognizable cuz of all the delay

BigPete79783820d ago

I played Lair on remote play whenever it was still compatible (not sure if it still is). There wasn't any noticeable delay. So tell me why would that be different for MGS4?

Marceles3820d ago

...the only thing that makes the video delay on remote play is your internet connection, otherwise it's no different than networking something from any other display screen you have. There's a tool now enabling people to play PC games from anywhere in their house, and as long as they have a computer that can handle the graphics, it doesn't matter what display they play it on, it will work as fast as the hardware that's running it can handle. Remote play is simply controlling something from another display using an internet connection, the graphics won't determine how well it'll run.

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