IGN: Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli UK Review

System 3 gets scarlet fever in its PlayStation 3 exclusive racer.

Press the start button for the first time in Ferrari Challenge and you'll set off the distinctive roar of a thoroughbred race car – the very same way SEGA's F355 Challenge commenced back in 1999, and the first of many references that mark System 3's game out as a spiritual successor to Yu Suzuki's latter day classic.

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Condoleezza Rice3823d ago

Looks like I'll be buying this one.

Crazyglues3823d ago

an 8.3 seems low, and I was on the fence with GRID and it looks a 1000 times better then this one... so I'm going to have to pass..

That in-car video made the game look like something that belongs on the Wii, now it might play really good, but I doubt it.

For PS3, I'm going to have to pass.. don't even think I will rent this one. sorry. (just doesn't look like it will live up to the PS3 experience)

Rattles3823d ago

Wow didint realise it was so close to release, looks like the ps3 is finally geting the games rolling in :)

i wasint at all intrested in this game "dont like Ferraris" but im alittle intrested in giving it a rent.
Wonder how well it will sell in EU?

heyheyhey3823d ago

well that's better than expected.. nice

Real gamer 4 life3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

i love racing games, as long as it is too arcady, i prefer simulation so if this game is more on the simulation side then is a must buy for me. i hope is compatible with my g25 wheel.

eagle213823d ago

I am looking out for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.