PC Gaming Barely Attending E3

VentureBeat writes: As the video game industry gears up for its annual E3 conference in July, the reality is setting in that the one-time entertainment extravaganza has become narrowly focused on console games, with very little room for PC games.

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Pizza The Hut3795d ago

I've already stuck about 3 forks in PC Gaming..but it just wont seem to DIE!!!LOL

NegativeCreep4273795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

PC gaming isn't necessarily dead, it is just that it can only provide a very small unique benefit to anyone else who doesn't use consoles. Online gaming on consoles is pretty much standard now (except for the stupid Wii), and MMORPG's like The Agency and Everquest are going to make their debut on the PS3 soon.

The only real advantage the PC has over consoles are mods and such, but LittleBigPlanet is going to move into similiar territory when it is released.

Fisher3393794d ago

I completely agree with you, I personally love playing games online, I rarely play single player games, except for GTA

The PS3 and Xbox 360 are so much better than the ps2 and xbox at online gaming.

Plus things like mic support, and higher player limits have become more or less standard this generation.

Bellic Jr3795d ago

Less BS more console goodness. No disrespect to any PC gamers out there. just not my thing.

Charmers3795d ago

Well if PC games are not your thing why did you come to the PC section and specifically comment on a PC related story ? I have no interest in console games so I don't go trolling in those sections.

Bellic Jr3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Hey. PC gaming is not my thing but E3 IS. Thats why I posted here. I said I meant no disresprect.

Thanks for Bubble Boourns :D

Booourns3795d ago

Bubbles for Bellic,



Gorgon3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

But..but...PC gaming isn't dying! Just look at digital download services like Steam!!! PC games sell like hot cakes, just not in retail!!!

*end of sarcasm*

I guess Blizzard should put a WoW cabinet or something there, just so that PC gaming doesn't look so bad. After 20 years as a PC gamer, there's simply nothing else more to see on this side of the pond, unless you're into MMOs or RTS.

SmokeyMcBear3795d ago

but but but... gabe newell says pc gaming is teh future

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The story is too old to be commented.