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Submitted by DC RID3R 2786d ago | rumor

MS teams up with Samsung to offer Xbox 360 integrated LCD TV's

A source who wishes to stay anonymous (should strongly be treated as a RUMOR) has informed maxconsole that Microsoft has teamed up with Samsung to release its Xbox 360 in other electronics (TV sets). He provided them with what he deems to be the X-Series LCD (XS40R360A model to be exact and claims it will feature the following - built in Xbox 360, 4 USB ports, 512MB HDD space, power button right of light and is set for a November 2008 release in US and Europe. Even if it doesn't turn out to be real, it's a great concept! (Xbox 360)

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Mr_Showtime1  +   2786d ago
I actauly spoke to my friend a few weeks ago about the next xbox or PS having the option to buy it built into a tv(or a seperate box if you wish) this way you could have the best graphics the console could produce etc.

however 512mb disk space??

That could be a problem
pharmd  +   2786d ago
they couldnt effeciently cool it before it was coupled with a heat producing tv, how is thig going to pan out......

in all seriousness, this isnt a surprise... this is actually a good idea
NegativeCreep427   2786d ago | Spam
dachiefsman  +   2786d ago
@Mr. Showtime: /agree with the 512MB that is stupid

@Negative: well considering its being manufactured by Samsung I doubt the RRoD should be an issue. nice attempt at reusing a played out joke though...
juuken  +   2786d ago
Negative...rofl. That cracked me up.
But let's hope that this doesn't have any RROD issues.
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Pornlord  +   2786d ago
That's funny, Sony and Samsung are sister companies now. They have been sharing TV tech patents since 2004. MS would have to use Sony patent parts in it's TV for this story to be valid. Not saying it's not true, just thought I'd point that out.
kevoncox  +   2786d ago
To the guy above. MS and Sony work together on Sony Viaos and ( i think) Sony smartphones. This is just 1 aspect that they are competing in. Also i think all profits of this will go to Samsung. So it would be Samsung competing with Sony.
kevnb  +   2786d ago
At pornland
microsoft wouldn't be making the tv, so samsung would be the one using microsoft patents lol
MikeGdaGod  +   2786d ago
all i can say is make sure you get that Best Buy extended warranty.

saved my life.........a couple of times


something else i just thought about.........if you want HD playback, you'll still have to buy a ps3. so what's the point???
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Pornlord  +   2786d ago
That may be tru kev, but I don't think all the profits will go to Samsung, my only point was, a lot of companies will be making money from this venture if they actually choose to do it.
kevoncox  +   2786d ago
HD playback?
Hey smarties, you can still watch HD TV. You can hook up a blu-ray player( should be sub 200) pretty soon. If you bought the TV and 360 seprate, you wouldn't be able to play blu-ray either. Why bring it up.
deeznuts  +   2786d ago
Dumb idea. Some things you can effectively bundle together (like an audio receiver) but this, no way.

Unless the price increase is negligible, what if you want to upgrade your tv?
DG  +   2786d ago
About HD playback (BluRay): its not true if Samsung is paying MS for the license they can put anything on top of the 360 hardware including BluRay drive. It would be costly but its possible (then again BR read only drives will cost the consumer $100 by years end even less to MFGs). And I doubt MS would object. Maybe this is what they meant that they would not be releasing any BR driver with the 360 but still supports the rumours/claims that Xbox is getting a BR drive. And Sony was talking about doing this with their DVD players with the PS2 but it never happend, I wonder why. Yes Sony bots MS is copying Sony again start flaming, but regardless its a good idea and an easy way to make money and get more consoles out there.
mikeslemonade  +   2786d ago
Microsoft with this idea they're just not ready to even be thinking about this. They need shrink the console first and then make sure it's reliable enough to be put into the TV.

And if this is like the next generation consoles then I can make a whole list of negative things about this idea. Top reason is freedom. Not everyone wants the same kind of TVs and the same company.
cito35th   2786d ago | Spam
actionjackson  +   2785d ago
How in the world . . .
This is an interesting concept, to say the least. Isn't it interesting that all consumer electronics are eventually going to get integrated into each other. This reminds me of a computer model, which has many components manufactured by muliple manufacturers. I.E. Intel processor, Asus motherboard, maxtor hd, NVidia graphics card, etc. This is an interesting step in integrative electonics. But who's going to run the warranty? Is Samsung buying the X360, like a computer part, and selling a complete system, or are the companies tied in this together? Thoughts anyone?
power of Green  +   2785d ago
It will be intresting to see if the two parties come up with some sort of interchangeable design for upgrades and future Xbox's I'm going to say yep the 360 only has its core hardware built in; as it is.

This is such a badass idea it is no wonder fans of the competition are in here with their sour grapes attatude(meaning it would be a great idea if this was about their fav console).

A TV with advanced Multi-media capabilities built in.(Video-chat, IPTV when available, Movie service possibly Netfix by launch and gaming etc). WoW.

Having two LCD's they output mad heat but at the same time I'm sure with the right design and new innovative technoligy it would seem all they would have to do is keep the multi-media hardware below the screen in the back side of the LCD lol(heat rises right out of them).
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AAACE5  +   2785d ago
I always liked the idea of having the stuff I like compiled into one specific item. But this is a bad idea if true! It's just like the TV VCR/DVD combo! If one breaks you have to either go without, or pay high prices to get it fixed... not to mention if you have to pay to get it shipped somewhere! Not attacking the 360's reliability issues, but just pointing out that if something goes wrong with any product I buy, I want to be able to make multiple decisions of how to deal with it!
NegativeCreep427  +   2785d ago
This Website is totally flawed, the comment I posted yesterday that was above (at 1.2) was NOT A SPAM POST (if it was truly SPAM, why did that comment get about 27 agrees???), yet all these xbox idiots who didn't like my comment because it was an honest observation and all report my comment as spam and the moderators here at N4G don't have their own opinion (or they just can't read) and can't decide for themselves on what to remove by just looking at a so called "offensive" posts and make a decision based on their own ideas of what is truly spam and what is not.

I'll repost my comment that was reported as spam and anyone here with an independant logic can decide for themselves whether it was spam or not: Great, not only will the RROD affect you're xbox 360, now it will also F-Up you're TV. Smart Move...Two birds with one stone, like they always say...

Was that comment above spam? Really? I have seen things directed towards the PS3 that are at least 3 times more "spam-worth" then that. I guess all the moderators here are xbox fanboys as well. They must have the attitude of "you mess with the xbox 360, you mess with US!!!!, and we won't stand for that, so we will silence you by deleting an honest observation because WE love to play ignorance on the Xbox 360's many technological flaws"
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cito35th  +   2785d ago
Condoleezza Rice  +   2786d ago
"512MB of HDD space"
Ahh,the catch ^.
P4KY B  +   2786d ago
Could be a misprint.
Mobile phones all have more than 512Mb.

Maybe it should have been GB

Can you even buy 512MB for a PC these days?
shotputking  +   2786d ago
could be a typo... but that's also the size of the memory cards, if i'm not mistaken...
whoelse  +   2786d ago
Oh yh how many 512GB hard drives do you see around.

They usually 300GB, 400GB, 500GB etc
pharmd  +   2786d ago
lol, just like the wii!!!
Evil Rant Monkey  +   2786d ago
Third times a charm
<512mb HDD? wtf?)
shotputking  +   2786d ago
i wonder if that would mean you could connect it to another storage device through usb??
i'm planning on buying both another tv and another xbox soon... i wonder what the timing would be for a release of something like this?
Fishy Fingers  +   2786d ago
So it's the arcade base model. If the idea behind that is to keep costs low then they really need to allow people to use 3rd party external HDD's.
rebirthofcaos  +   2786d ago
Amazing a TV with RROD and then it burns XD XD XD XD XD XD

mal-function -- ma $"$ fun%&$on buzzzzzzzzz
AngryTypingGuy  +   2785d ago
Yes, because if MS is involved with a TV it will overheat. What moronic thinking. No one makes a better HDTV that Samsung.
BigKev45  +   2786d ago
That is crazy.
mrlakadaddy  +   2786d ago
ive always
hated tvs that were intergrated with another device...remember the vhs tvs and the dvd tv's? anyway its a good idea but my only concern is if one breaks both are wasted...example...if the tv malfunctions you will have no use of the is probably more likely help with th manufactuer of the that would be a hell of a better speculation
darkness within  +   2786d ago
hmm that tv is gonna pump out a hell load of heat aint it?
with the screen and an xbox
DG  +   2786d ago
Not with the smaller Mobos and cpus
tojfs7931  +   2785d ago
It already does
Anyway seperately.
SUP3R  +   2786d ago

SUP3R  +   2786d ago
Glad this got sorted out. The image should have been edited as well.


Samsung isn't making 360's built into their TV's. It's a marketing agreement both companies signed way back in 2005, where Samsung will label their HDTV's with the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live logos. Read here:

If it were true, it would be a great concept, but I doubt it would work.
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whoelse  +   2786d ago
Most TVs with integrated stuff always fail because its better to have them seperate. I wonder if these will break 33% of the time. Samsung arent known for their reliability either.
legendkilla  +   2786d ago
samsung Tv's
are garbage.. i work at a electronic store.. every year i have to sent hundred's to get fixed or back to Samsung.. there about as good as LG's.. Thats why i bought a Pioneer plasma way better! :)
sandip787  +   2786d ago
lol and what happens when it RRODs?
owned would sum it up nicely most probably
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2786d ago
as 1.3 said:

"well considering its being manufactured by Samsung I doubt the RRoD should be an issue. nice attempt at reusing a played out joke though... "
juuken  +   2785d ago
sandiiiiii...Crab is about to eat you. Stop mentioning the RROD!
avacadosnorkel  +   2786d ago
and people complain about the PS3 price
this is gonna be cheap, huh.
LiquifiedArt  +   2786d ago
Worst combo EVER
If i dropped 2000$+ on a TV and it OVER HEATED I'd be one PIssed MOFO
LevDog  +   2786d ago
DAMNIT... I own a 56' 1080p DLP Slim Samsung... It has a glossy Black finish, Just like my PS3 (they match) .. Why would Samsung do this to me hahaha?

They are gonna down grade and go with a primer white or black..Not to mention 360 is declining in sales..

streetking93  +   2786d ago
how much is this gonna cost
fenderputty  +   2786d ago
I'm seriously not trying to flame here
but I hope to god the let the quality control be handled by Samsung. Three red lights on a TV would suck.

If they can manage to make the product solid, then that's one hell of a cool idea. That's why I said I'm not trying to flame. I would actually consider getting one of these TV's. I need another one for my bedroom anyway in the next year. This would be cool.
ActionBastard  +   2786d ago
Yes, this is horrible, this idea.
dale1  +   2786d ago
whats the point of having a hd lcd and and no hd playback unless there putting in a bluray
MazzingerZ  +   2786d ago
In many parts of Europe a TV with a built-in VCR was the standard during many years and it worked fine because both TV and VCR kept under the same tech specification during many years, no problem

Today? buying one of those you might have double as much chance to buy something that within one or two years will be obsolete
Gorgon  +   2786d ago
In what parts of Europe was that? I never saw that becoming a standard. In fact it disapeered pretty quickly from what I saw.
MazzingerZ  +   2786d ago
Scandinavia. I still have one in my kids room that I bought 8 years ago. VCR still works. they started to dissapear from the stores 2 years ago, replaced by LCD and Plasma, mainly because starting from next year all TV broadcasting will be digital, which triggered the sales of LCDs TV
#20.2 (Edited 2786d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Lumbo  +   2785d ago
Scandinavia is not "many parts of Europe" Scandinavia is a niche market. Neither the UK nor the French and German market warmed up to the idea of integrating multiple devices into TV's. Mainly cause every decent review mag would warn you against it, as multiple failure points in one case instantly lead to frustration when one of the parts breaks and you have to send in the whole unit. And sending in the whole TV just to fix a broken DVD drive in the x-box part of the made up combo would suxx more than you could ever imagine.
juuken  +   2786d ago
Well, this better not have the RROD because if the 360 goes boom, your T.V goes boom along with it.
#21 (Edited 2786d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2786d ago
Will you get off the RROD crap! Go troll somewhere else.

You don't think hardware failures are not at the forefront of any design Samsung is doing? Considering the RROD has been wiped out in large parts since the Falcon mobo was introduced this joke is getting really farkin old.
ActionBastard  +   2786d ago
Sure. Elites with the Falcon chips never RROD. The problem was fixed long ago. No need to worry.

Related image(s)
#21.2 (Edited 2786d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
juuken  +   2786d ago
Oh dear Crab...did you burst a blood vessel there? xD


The RROD is still an issue Crab and unless MS gets rid of all of it, it will continue to happen. Juuust praying my console doesn't die. You know, it seems to me that you always scream 'STOP TROLLING!!!!1' when it deals with MS and the 360 when you 360 owners do the same exact thing in the PS3 sections.

We're all hypocrites so come off it.
#21.3 (Edited 2786d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Gam71  +   2785d ago
The rrod is only an issue with you ps3 fans juuken.

You're the ones who go on about it and troll 360 boards.
Why don't you play on your machine instead. You have a game now.

Oh and using the "wah, you do this to our threads" is thin on the ground.
It's nowhere near as bad as what you lot do and if you can't take it then stop it.
As long as there are a lot of ps3 fans online (instead of playing) you will hijack and childishly conduct yourselves wherever you see 360 and reply.

You bought your machine, love it. Don't have buyers remorse.
iHEARTboobs  +   2786d ago
Sounds like a good idea at first
But then you'll realize this:

a) no portability = sucks (who doesn't like taking their 360/PS3/Wii's to a friends house?)
b) if your tv breaks and has to be repaired, your 360 goes along with it. I wouldn't want to be without my PS3 and i'm sure you wouldn't want to be without your 360.

Either way, i'm sure it will sell but not a lot.
GameOn  +   2786d ago
Good point there.
It does kinda suck for taking it round to a mates house. On the other hand I only take my 360 round my mates when we're gonna have a LAN party. This just means I wouldn't have to take TV and 360 separately.

I think this is a good way to get 360's out there. Hopefully they make them classy and reliable and I hope this rumour is true.
andron666  +   2786d ago
It's a lame idea...
Just as a built in DVD player is a bad idea.

You get more build quality compromises, and if one part of the unit needs repairing you must do without both.
kingme71  +   2786d ago
What happens in 2-3 years when the next XBox comes out?

I'm trying to think of the positives for marrying the 2. Cost is the only thing I can come up with. Maybe lack of wires.

How big of a box do they send you when it red rings?
alster23  +   2786d ago
someones desperate
s8anicslayer  +   2786d ago
dumbest idea ever, why would someone buy a tv with the 360 built in?old technology since there is no hi def format! ill pass
GameOn  +   2786d ago
who sais it can't have BluRay
Dlacy13g  +   2786d ago
You guys are funny....
RROD, you cant play blu ray, blah, blah, blah...

First off this is going to be geared towards people looking to buy a TV not people looking to buy a console. You go looking at TV's and you come across one wiht a built in DVD player and Game Console...its a very good idea. There already are LCD's out with a built in DVD player and they are slick in their design.

Samsung absolutely would have control over the quality. All they would be getting from MS is the inner tech, they would have free reign over how to best implement and place into the TV.

Regardless of the Sony Fanboys bashing the idea because of the "lack" of blu ray...well the 360 upscales DVD nicely enough...and DVD contrary to the belief of the Sony camp is the majority of movie libraries out in the wild....and will be so for a very long time.
juuken  +   2786d ago
Um...if the system goes bad, your T.V might go bad as well. 1. This is not a good idea, 2. MS is getting very desperate to sell 360's, and 3. Samsung must be out of their minds to go along with it.
iHEARTboobs  +   2786d ago
Yeah there's TV's with built in DVD players but EVERYONE has a DVD player so there's no need to carry it around or move it from place to place like you might want to with a gaming console. But we'll see how well it sells if this does turn out to be true.
alster23  +   2786d ago
i hate intergrated devices
Bladestar  +   2786d ago
Look at the sony leg humpers panicking... lol! By the way what happened to the "Microsoft can't make good hardware; hence why the RROD"... well now the hardware manufacturer is one of the best hardware manufacturers as far as entertainment is concern... so.. why the stupid RROD comments? Or let me guess.. you are not smart enough to understand that the RROD is caused by hardware failure and not software failure.. and in case you didn't know the obvious... the only thing Microsoft on this X-Series LCD TV will be the xbox 360 OS...

I can understand why sony leg humpers are on panic mode... since this can only be negative for anything Sony... bad for Sony TVs... For blu-ray since it would make it very easy for these TVs owners to use Digital distribution... and Bad for the PS3 since people woundn't need to buy anything but the TV to play xbox 360 games and download movies...
#29 (Edited 2786d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Gorgon  +   2786d ago
I think you will be disappointed...
juuken  +   2786d ago
Um Bladestar, who's desperate? Who's panicking exactly? Why would MS do something as foolish as this? If I were them, I would make sure my console is more reliable first before entering a deal with Samsung. If something happens with that console, chances are it'll spoil a T.V as well.

Sometimes you make sense, and sometimes you don't. You're running around calling Sony fans Sony leg-humpers when MS fans also do a little leg humping of their own.
#29.2 (Edited 2786d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
wallace1000  +   2785d ago
It seems that people keep bring up the RROD all the time around here. Isn't it starting to become a thing of the past? I haven't had any problems after my launch console was replaced and i haven't seen lots of 360 owners saying their console has died recently (and talking to people on live all seems good in the past year). It is therefore my thesis that people with a bone to pick with the 360 should come up with a new argument against it, instead of dragging up the RROD all the time. Seriously it is getting old.
juuken  +   2786d ago're not a bad company but seriously, reconsider what you're doing...
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