Microsoft fixes 360 DRM with license tool-over a year late

There are a few different reasons you might not be playing on the same Xbox 360 system that you originally bought. You might have upgraded to an Elite system for the bigger hard drive and black HDMI. More likely, your original system died and you were forced to have it replaced. Gamers who received new systems were in for an unpleasant surprise when they redownloaded their Arcade games or hooked up their old hard drive: the games they paid for would only work when connected to the Internet. No network connection, and they all reverted to demo versions. Microsoft has just released a tool that allows you to move those licenses over to a new console, but the question remains: what took so long?

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DarkSniper3822d ago

Microsoft simply is an incompetent corporation that does not possess the technological know-how to perform simple things such as playing downloaded content offline. Any game purchased on the PlayStation®Network is available for your entertainment pleasure at all times. Sony believes in giving their customers the full experience when they pay their hard earned money.

Microsoft on the other hand are nothing more than money grubbing swindlers who has no holds barred on cheating customers out of their funds.


AngryHippo3822d ago

.....Works both ways doesnt it.....XMB, in game messaging, playing your own music while playing a game. I didnt disagree with you though and i can see your point.

PSWe603821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

You see, In game XMB is more like a luxury, the game experience is still enjoyable with out it.
I was always able to play my downloadable games on or off-line. Unlike you and your Bots bretherine.
Seems like the 3rd60 is always behind. Seeing how the Bots enjoy their meat injections to the rear by M$, they're too stupid to realize they're getting screwed, they've just enjoying the ride.


GiantEnemyCrab3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

@1.2: Yes, but it's a much better experience with it. Of course $ony will take forever on something and instead of being crticial like you are to MS you proceed to suck their d!ck.

You enjoy sucking $ony d!ck just admit it fishhead. I think you and DarkSniper each take a nutt and share the shaft..

With your poser name you are nothing but a fishhead.

By the way look at the sales numbers again bobber.. Yup, PS3 is in last place.

Now go watch MGS4 and make me a burger beotch!

@1.1: Nice pwnage.

morganfell3821d ago

Well PSWe50 you are correct and this is a case of people not comprehending the fact that people didn't purchase a XMB with the functions Hippo wants to name and then have said XMB not function when their console dies or when they change consoles. I am amazed anyone could see a comparison there. There is absolutely zero comparison. But then again, the desperate will latch onto anything.

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Kleptic3822d ago

yeah, I am sure MS will give all those kids their money back who had to buy the same content multiple times...until that happens; there hardly is a 'fix'...

Captain Tuttle3822d ago

How many times will this story be approved?

Pornlord3822d ago

How come every time I look at the people who let this article slip through AGAIN my gaydar goes off??? Hmmm.. must be electronic interference.

morganfell3821d ago

Well MS can stick this in their ass. I lost a lot of purchases with my first 360 death. And now on my forth they can suck a fat baby's butt. The stuff I had mattered then and now it doesn't and is long out of date. Screw you MS for taking this long. It is like giving you tickets to the Super Bowl AFTER the game is over.

I hope they don't expect me to pat them on the back unless I have a knife in my hand.

KingME3821d ago

Okay noted, bye see you later. Thanks for coming. Please mop the tears up on your way out.

morganfell3821d ago

Who is bawling? You are. Sales place for 360? Last. And reasons like this are why. Ripping people off may seem acceptable to you.

Maybe you have been kicked and beaten down so much in your life you are used to it but I for one do not believe in supporting companies that rip people off when there was an easy acceptable solution - reimburse the points I spent.

Take your wimp 'let people and companies walk on you' attitude and you leave. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. One of us has a spine here and it isn't you. Mop up your 'I think companies that steal' excuses as you leave.

KingME3821d ago

Did I it a nerve. I believe I did, and the reason I hit it is because you wear you feelings on your sleeve. Whining and crying about everything that you think is unfair. I don't think there is a person on this site that hasn't been boned at some point by a major corporation. Learn to grow the hell up and deal with it. The rest of us don't want to hear your whiny A$$.

They fixed the DRM problem. You don't need it anymore FINE! Now shut up about it and go play whatever you bought to replace your 360.

Wow, what a crybaby!

morganfell3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Ha ha ha. Welcome to the world of open forums. Who is really whining here? You. Grow up and learn that forums are where people express opinions...many of which you may not like. Which means they are full of valid points. Keep bending over and taking it in the rear from Microsoft. "Ugh, ugh, ugh" I can hear you right now groaning on all fours.

They didn't fix the DRM problem you dummy. Finally getting access to material that no one games anymore or getting access to material that you paid for twice doesn't fix the issue. I thought I had witnessed people with no comprehension before but you take the cake. IT IS A CASE OF TOO LITTLE TOO LATE ON THEIR PART. Ha ha, Ms is so desperate right now I can't believe it.

I guess being a fanboy zombie in the total thrall of some company that is going down in flames as they lose the console war makes you blind to that.

Well as long as people don't want to look at things, I'll exercise that right too. No need to look at comments from mindless defenders of MS as they still screw people. Here is me putting you and your ridiculous comments on ignore. Ha ha Nancy, have a nice time playing groupie.

KingME3821d ago

Dude, I know your type very well, although you claim to put me on ignore, you really have no control over your emotions, so the minute you see that I have commented you will read it..hahaha, and this is what you'll see.

You sure make a lot of sexual innuendoes, "taking it up the butt", "jobbing", etc. What are you some type of closet homo that is prejudice against his own kind?

To be honest with you man, you may need to get some anger management help. Because for someone to PM another talking the sexual homophobic sh!t that you are talking could only spell one thing. An angry, little man with a bunch of pinned up sexual frustration.

You are one confused dude. I actually feel sorry for you. BTW, that imperial margarine joke was classic, it did make me chuckle a

Also, I thought it was interesting how you PM me, spew out a bunch of profanity, and homophobic words and then block me from sending you a PM response. Must be pretty tough living the life of a man once wronged by a major corporation oooooooh it just gives me chills.

Users of N4G, I apologize for putting this in the gamer zone and it won't happen again after this comment. But, this loser had it coming.

ARBitrator3821d ago

Man, you should let it go. I had a run it with this same dude a few weeks ago. Via PM. And you are right, he will lash out and say some pretty strong and nasty things to you in an attempt to scare/bully you. Your best bet is to let him move on, I believe he's just a kid trying to find out what he's going to be when he grows up.

P.S. he does tend to make a lot of homophobic
Somethings going on there.

Anyway, just ignore home and move on. I did. haha

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n00bzRtehgey3821d ago

u droids are plain DUMB.

btw, how's Play House?

poopface13821d ago

well at least it arrived before "HOME."

morganfell3821d ago

Fixing DRM isn't a feature like Home but rather a responsibility they owed the consumer base for YEARS.

poopface13820d ago

but microsoft said they were fixing it, and they did. Sony hypes stuff up years in advance and then delays it.