Q&A with Insomniac Games chief Ted Price on cloning the golden goose

Excerpts from the Interview:

VB: You still have no urge to move to other game platforms?

TP: No. There are always opportunities, since we are independent. But for this generation, we are focused on the PS 3 and the leading edge.

VB: So the new office doesn't mean you will try to do an Xbox 360 title out of that office?

TP: We aren't saying what they are working on. But we have said they are using tools that we have developed here in Burbank to make games.

VB: How are you going to make Resistance 2 better than "Gears of War 2"?

TP: (Laughs). I wish I knew more about Gears of War 2. I saw their trailers and they look great. I don't know about the features. What we have talked about with Resistance 2 is the huge single-player campaign with a much greater scale than what we have been able to pull off before. I am talking about the size of the enemies, the density of game play, and the overall scale of the story as well. That scale is paralleled in our multiplayer mode. We can have 60 players online at the same time in competitive mode and eight players in cooperative mode. It has a separate campaign with its own light story, with features like multiple classes, character progression, and persistent rewards. It's a big game.

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TheHater3820d ago

"We’re focused on quality over quantity"
That is why they are my one of my favorite developers

hack64643820d ago

I know. I love Insomniac.

Jim Crowslaw3820d ago

im really stoked about R2 and even more so about the devs of Insomniac but is it me or am i really missing some sort of necessary portion of my brain in why i cant see the GREAT thing about Resistance 1? I kno ima get disagreed which is cool....but maybe its just im not super big on FPS', which surprises me becuz i LOVE i mean LOVE COD4.....its like the current epitome of FPS'. Does it help that i didnt finish R:FOM that leads me to my doubt of the game? Dont get me wrong....its a very very good game but it doesnt seem like the golden arc like everyone makes it seem. And yes i love insomniac (since ps1) and i have a thing for FPS' and im not at all sayin R:FOM is garbage, i just dont see where all the insurmountable praise derives from.... please someone fill me in. I think it even got a 9. something on IGN. I JUST DONT SEE IT. Should i finish the game? Ive gotten somewhat far and stop playin cuz it got really difficult. (my stupid a$$ put it on the hardest difficulty now i dont have the patience for it). My initial thoughts were that no other dominant FPS wwas out which help dictate the high praise, but no that didnt seem justified becuz COD is really a over the top addicting game that deserves all the praise it gets. Im a die hard Sony enthusiast but i just cant get into R;FOM. Now R2 is sumthing totally different to me. IDK maybe im just growing up and not that into games like i used to be. I havent even finished GTAIV yet, which to this day surprises me. Or maybe FPS' arent my fortay. Yea thats what it is....i realized im one of the few ppl who wants games like Prototype, Infamous and Force Unleashed, more than games like MGS or K2.....eventhough MGS4 so far is the best game i think ive ever played aside from MVC2.

znu3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

R:FOM started out like crap honestly... that's what i USED to think

i went on vacation and i stayed at my cousins house who had a ps3 and we played R:FOM for about... an entire month plus i think about 4 hours a day

The game is awesome, i love it but it can only be viewed so by those who really get into the game and can appreciate its epic scale.

Marceles3820d ago

RFOM just got trapped in the hype with Gears 1 and the fact that it didn't look like Killzone everyone put the game down. But it really is a great FPS game. It's long for one, so don't expect to zoom through it like Gears. It's also difficult, the storyline was better than usual FPSs, great weapons, great graphics, and really fun and mostly lag-free multiplayer. Some people lag if they're on some stolen wireless connection, but there's mostly no lag in the game. It was just very underrated because GeoW was on top of the mountain at that time, and high expectations were put on it to go toe-to-toe with it.

BrianC62343820d ago

Notice how he bugged him to do a 360 game? What should we expect from Dean Microsoft, I mean Dean Takahashi? That guy really needs to stop advertising for Microsoft already and be a journalist.

badz1493820d ago

and I like his style in answering all the questions. they're all spot on! I've met him before and he's a man with a huge credibility yet so humble! I like the way he talks, his presentation was great and fun, he's so friendly and greet the fans very warmly! I simply LOVE him!

I'm not trying to be offensive here but why can't every dev be just like him or Kojima? they have great titles behind them but refuses to talk about other devs' game let alone dissing or pissing on them! they only answer straight to the questions and talk what they knew the best, which is their own games! Humble devs like Ted and Kojima has made the like of Itagaki, Gabe Newell and recently CliffB - which talk bad about their competitions and stating like they're the best in the world - seems so tiny in comparison!

I hope devs stop to talk too much on other's games but concentrate more on their own because, people will judge you by your games, not by your talks! at the end of the day, if you ever talk bad about your competitions, many will hate you and when the competitions turn out to be the better one, your words will come back to you to bite your fat a$$!! and you're not the one to give yourself 'THE BEST' title! Gamers will tell whether you're THE BEST or not!

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Condoleezza Rice3820d ago

TP: No. There are always opportunities, since we are independent. But for this generation, we are focused on the PS 3 and the leading edge."

This is why I love Insomniac;They recognize the leading tech and most promising platform and decide to focus on that platform.

coolfool3820d ago

They have no problems or qualms attacking a new system and hardware. They are talented enough to be able to handle any new hardware thrown at them. Unlike some others like Valve or ID which are very pc/360 architecture focused. Which is a shame as they both have talented devs.

hack64643820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Well the reason I love insomniac is because they make great games. Not because of the platform they make it on. I mean its awesome that they develop on my platform of choice but thats not why I think they are great.

deeznuts3820d ago

"TP: No. There are always opportunities, since we are independent. But for this generation, we are focused on the PS 3 and the leading edge."


Or maybe just a dig at the Wii ;)

butterfinger3820d ago

it was really nice to see how humble Ted Price is. CliffyB could really take a page out of his book, or you could include Shane Kim and Greenberg in there as well.

TheHater3820d ago

This is the second time some has mention Greenburg along side Kim.
Who the hell is Greenburg?

hack64643820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Greenburg is a fool... nuff said.

Qbanboi3820d ago

Agree, this dude is a gentlemen. He don't need to hype his game (the badass game ever?? WTF Cliffy), he don't need go multiplat for more money. He just want to make his game the best of what it can be, for the fans.

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project76dodo3820d ago

Ted Price is the man humble and a true gamer
Insomniac is going to have another huge hit with RS2
Loving the PS3 love from them

coolfool3820d ago

I like the way he refused to say anything bad about Gears. Instead he just said what was great about Resistance.

meepmoopmeep3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

it looks like most developers outside of MS devs are humble.

insomniac rocks. one of the best developers out there.
R2 will soon take over my fav. FPS game of all time.
i'm a campaign player and having 2 campaign modes is just awesomeness!

project76dodo3820d ago

truly i think thats what we gotta do
just ignore Bots
and uplift the amazing games
that are out/coming out for the PS3


Harry1903820d ago

I can say anything I want.

You have a great avatar.

crimsonfox3820d ago

i just wish i wasn't ignored by the rest of the world


man this is lame

Harry1903820d ago

Domo is great.

Nice talking Ted,good job.

crimsonfox3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

to say anymore.


im bored off to get breakfast.

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