First scans of Crysis Warhead

6 pages of PC Gamer Magazine scans full of Crysis Warhead. New unseen images and details.

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TABSF3673d ago

could probably make system cheaper than that but this is looking amazing

okcomputer3673d ago

True, but still I love that they had a section of the article devoted to how even an average pc can run the game well. It gives a nice "stfu" to all the console fanboys who usually go on about needing $2000 rigs and $500 video cards everytime a good game comes out for the pc.

Gorgon3673d ago

"True, but still I love that they had a section of the article devoted to how even an average pc can run the game well"

They said the same about the first one.

Winter47th3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Them making Warhead run better than the first one is a slap to everyone who bought Crysis, that means:

1- They admit Crysis' not optimized, but since Warhead runs on the same engine, with everything cut and pasted, they just don't give a damn about finishing what they started with patch 1.3.
2- They could release a patch to make it work just as good as Warhead, but they wont.
3- They don't give a $h!t about their fans, if you want your patches, performance then buy it again with refurbished campaign.

Charlie26883673d ago

@Winter47th: I think at this point its pretty much confirmed that the CryEngine 2 used for Crysis was horrendously unoptimized also pretty much confirmed that they gave up trying to optimizing the engine thru patches so they gave up on the first Crysis -_-

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Dark_Vendetta3673d ago

With a 8600 you can run it silky smooth but with how much details turned on? I tried to run Crysis on Very High on my 2900XT but it suffers way too much. Too many slowdowns (because of the 2900 ...) and even the parts that were playable weren't that much fun. I really expected more :(

TheIneffableBob3673d ago

High settings, apparently.

I'm guessing Crysis was terribly optimized.

okcomputer3673d ago

I've read articles that say the devs were basically big nvidia supports and optimized the game for those cards. So its pretty much established that nvidia cards are better suited for crysis. Thats probably the difference I guess.

Gorgon3673d ago

Give me STALKER any day over this.

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