Kids' games SUCK

Brad Gallaway reports:

''So, if you're a developer who makes kids' games and you're reading this right now, let me just ask you… exactly what the f*** is the deal with the difficulty levels?

Do you have anybody even remotely within your target age range try these games out before you ship them off to retail? My guess is, probably not.

As the parent of a soon-to-be seven-year-old, I have an absolute hell of a time finding games that my son can play. Automatically ruling anything out that has language, sex or violence, the number of available titles is minuscule. Of that minuscule number of titles, the number of titles devoted specifically towards children is even smaller, and of that smaller number, the number that would be fun and appropriate for kids of my son's age range is practically nonexistent. I'm getting a little bit off-track here, but I think you get the point.

Anyway-difficulty levels, what the f***?

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ChickeyCantor3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

I dont really think this guy actually understands that games AIMED at a Kids audience...its not meant for you...

" the number of titles devoted specifically towards children is even smaller"

WTF? Childeren are the golden pot at the end of the rainbow!
i dont think this guy actually looked for a game.

The thing i dont get about this guy is....if the game is difficult for his son, then maybe you should play it with him?....

Also! i think this guy cant finish the games XD so he starts whining about" its to difficult "for his son

thisguywithhair3823d ago

Did you even read the article? He said that BOTH hime and his wife helped their son play the game and is was still too hard. The point of the article is to say that Kids games shouldn't so hard that a child needs to ask for help instead od asking if the parents just want to play with them.

ChickeyCantor3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

I did read it, but he is whining about something simply because HE cant play for sh*t.
And what i meant was he should actually use it as "quality" time with his kids. no matter how hard the game is.

There are plenty of kids who can play a difficult game on their own. This is just from one perspective i really dont think all kids have this problem.
Again, he is having a hard time too...maybe its in the blood XD?

PoSTedUP3823d ago

between educational games to ratchet and clank there are a sh*t lode of kids games out there.

difficulty levels? kids cant be good at video games? well.. my suggestion is that they start out on the genesis, that has easy kids games.

"i dont think this guy actually looked for a game."- i agree dude. ever herd of the wii?

thisguywithhair3823d ago

Ever heard of the Wii? Some people have standards man.

Besides, he said that he eliminates games with violence, sex and language. Please remember that ones person good time is another persons gory violence. He wants to have something specific for his child and he can't find it. That is his problem and he should take his son with him when he is going to buy games.

deeznuts3823d ago

I agree (didn't read the article) with the title. I played Super Mario Galaxy, and got about 7 stars. Boring! Returned the game. The Wii has one or two more chances to wow me before it goes back to my GF's house.

ChickeyCantor3823d ago

Actually the Title isnt phrased in fanboy language.
Instead you should read the article.
Now you just look stupid.