More info on PSP based Cellular Phone

Citing multiple sources from Japan and Korea, an article from Marketing Week says the phone would "include elements of the PSP gaming handheld" Though Sony Ericsson currently has a gaming phone, the F305 it does not include PlayStation hardware or software.

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MANCREEP3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I totally saw this 4 days ago.
I threw a tip at Bloodmask, so he could maybe submit the story.
How could we find out who submitted the story?

As for the article: I'M THE FIRST COMMENT!

I dont know if i would trade my PSP for a PSP Phone. I already have a BLACKBERRY CURVE(f-ing amazing by the way).
I'm sure it would draw alot of people in who dont already have PSP's, for sure.

EDIT: meant to post in GAMER ZONE

Doppy3821d ago

Oooh let me design it, and select what features to go in it.

tojfs79313821d ago

Turn the mylo into a smaller psp and add phone functions. Voila. PSP phone.

KeiZka3821d ago

I still am most dubious of this garnering any attention whatsoever. Let it be Playstation, let it be anything. Phones are not gaming devices.