GWN reviews Ninja Gaiden 2

GWN reports:

''Does Ninja Gaiden 2 set the bar for future action games? Or does it fall short of the standards set by its predecessor and competition?

When you think of action games, there should be three game series that immediately pop up in your head as the "big 3" of the genre. Devil May Cry, God of War, and Ninja Gaiden. While all three game series could be brutally difficult on the hardest difficulties, Ninja Gaiden was easily the most unforgiving even on the easiest settings.

For better or for worse, Ninja Gaiden 2 retains the same level of unforgiving challenge as the original, making it a game that is easy to recommend to fans of the series without a second thought, but hard to recommend to the average gamer looking for the next big game on their 360.''

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