Halo 3: Three Ball Weekend Begins

Starting now (11am PDT), 3 Ball is available in Matchmaking as a Double EXP playlist. 3 Ball, as the name implies, is a gametype featuring three oddballs. The catch: There are four teams of three players, which means it'll be pretty difficult to share the wealth. Horde the all the skulls you can!

3 Ball is available from 11am PDT Thursday, June 26 until 2am Monday, June 30th. Heroic and Legendary map packs are required. Have fun!

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General Pinky3821d ago

they keep doing new things...i just love it...if only it doest take to long to start the game...every thing would be sweet..
Guys i go a question if my 360 doest read games would mircosoft fix the problem for free...i got the 360 day one with no problems till now..

ukilnme3821d ago

I believe the free fix is only for RROD. Call them up to find out for sure. I'm about to take my Elite back to Best Buy because it's constantly freezing up on me.

Superfragilistic3821d ago

I'm pretty sure the disc drive is covered for 12 months, as opposed to the 3yrs for a hardware failure (RROD). :)

Capt CHAOS3821d ago

One of those that goes into the player/console.

Shroomy3821d ago

and their Double XP weekend playlists!

DX F3NIX3821d ago

who plays halo 3? i trashed that game the day it came out.

poopface13821d ago

Im sure you have a 360.

DX F3NIX3821d ago

i have both 360 and ps3 you retard. halo is a overrated game to begin with only small annoying kids maybe like you play this crap hole of a game. get a life you piece of scum

poopface13821d ago

I dont think halo 3 is as bad as most people make it out to be even though I sold my copy along time ago.

-Neon-3821d ago

Legendary map pack required....

Bnet3433821d ago

dont buy it. its a phucking rip off

Shroomy3820d ago

£6 is soo much I can't afford that wahh!

The Legendary Maps are actually excellent, and having Bungie Pro with it is a plus, so it's most definitely worth it.

Halo Overrated? What game isn't DX F3NIX?