Xbox Live to receive Soul Calibur on July 2nd

Xbox Japan is set to release the Original Soul Calibur on Live! this Wednesday July 2nd for 800 MS Points.

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DarkSniper3671d ago

Microslaves need to pick this title up before it gets deleted.


sak5003670d ago

Atleast we get the demo. You just delete ur games so you have enough hard drive $pace for your next game. But then again u have like 9months atleast when ur next game worth buying will come.

4D3670d ago

B!tch ass turd burglar. Stop hating. You and your multiple personalites/accounts are just jealous. This was one of the best fighting games ever. And it's only 800 points. How the hell can you find anything negative to say about that???

Ri0tSquad3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Awesome. I'm getting it. That's pretty cheap.

OOG3670d ago

will it have multiplayer online?

Ri0tSquad3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

No, only offline.

OOG3670d ago

:( yeah I guess that would take away from SC4 comn out...since 1 was their best version...

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