Larrabee: Radeon 4800 supports a 100% ray-traced pipeline using DirectX 9

Theo Valich reports:
'' It appears that the buzz about 3D graphics has been focused on a feature that is not even integrate din today's games – ray-tracing. Intel is beating the RT drum for its upcoming cGPU, which is still 18 months away. But it appears that Intel may be defeated in its own game, as AMD's graphics chips are supporting a 100% ray-traced pipeline, TG Daily learned.

During AMD's recent Cinema 2.0 event, we met with representatives of a company that is currently considered to be the "it company" in Hollywood's special effects (FX) industry. JulesWorld is plugged into the video production process of an unnamed movie studio and adopted components that are standard in the FX industry (AMD Opteron + Nvidia Quadro). Ray-tracing was an early focus of the company and we were told that JulesWorld started experimenting with a 100% ray-traced pipeline on a GPU with the arrival of ATI's R600 (2900XT) chip. And the results are impressive.''

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Sheddi3819d ago

wow thats some nice pictures

darkshiz3819d ago

Now we just need a game that uses raytracing to fully see how effective it is with raytracing.

Kakkoii3819d ago

This is the video that picture is from.

This is a video of real time rendering with 100% ray tracing in Cinema 2.0. You can actually look around the scene as it's happening.