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Neil writes "I can’t for one minute even pretend to be a fan of the Magic series of games, but that’s not to say I wasn’t slightly interested in Magic 2015 when it appeared on Xbox One. For in actuality, I was a little gutted it appeared on Xbox 360 first because it was something I wanted to try out.

Now I have no excuse. But the big question is this….Is Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers on Xbox One worth a shot for a complete and utter newbie?"

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oKidUKo1404d ago

Easily the best way to learn how to play before moving onto the real cards.

Qrphe1403d ago

I'm not sure what kind of port the console version might have gotten and what kind of opinion a casual player might have given it, but 2015's version of the game is terrible. Yes,they finally added deck customization but only for the pupae of you buying card packs since they also added microtransactions. Did I mention performance is terrible? If you want a Magic game, play one of those freeware games, thr actual card game or just 2014's version of the game. Do not buy this 's version.

neil3631403d ago

As a newcomer to the whole series, can I ask what you mean by 'performance is terrible'? It all seemed to flow fairly well for me.

Qrphe1403d ago

Menus are sluggish during transitions the more you use them and buttons go unregistered while playing, it's a mess.