505 Games confirmed it won't publish its controversial horror title, Rule Of Rose, in the UK, which was due for release last Friday.

The game has recently received criticism from Franco Frattini, the European justice and security commissioner, over its violent content.

"Following discussions with our retail and publishing partners, 505 Games has taken the decision not to publish Rule of Rose in the UK at this time," said the publisher.

The game is set in 1930s England and concerns a young girl abducted at a country orphanage, who is forced to obey the occult rules of her captors. 505 Games had invited its critics to play the game for themselves and reiterated the fact the game was judged suitable by the video game ratings boards.

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AP4404d ago

I got sent six copies - a promo and five copies to give away in a competition. I wonder how much they'll be worth now, being PAL.

Unless, of course, it's still hitting europe.. hmm.

MicroGamer4404d ago

That is what the video game rating boards were created for. Other government departments should not be allowed to coerce game makers into altering or cancelling their games once the rating board gives their approval.