Bourne dev would put Matt Damon in next game

The Bourne Conspiracy developer High Moon would welcome putting Matt Damon's likeness in future Bourne titles, despite his opposition to the level of violence in the first game.

Speaking to in an interview published there, director Emmanuel Valdez said that the team wouldn't turn down the opportunity to scrap their current Bourne in favour of a Damon-authorised likeness if the movie star changed his mind and approved such a move.

"If Matt Damon picks up our game and really loved it and calls us up and says he wants to be in it I don't think we'll baulk at the idea," Valdez told

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dachiefsman3819d ago

big ups on the pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OgTheClever3818d ago

Well I did have to do a little search on google images to find this perfect pic.

Hellsvacancy3819d ago

i mean a game were u control "Mat Damon" he's such a girl when ever i see the name i think of Team America, thanks but NO thanks

CyberSentinel3819d ago

What a hypocrite, "I will make a violent movie, but not a violent game".
Screw him, the franchise does not need him. Save your money Sierra/High Moon, we don't want him. Real recognizes real. Matt Damon ain't real.