Gamer 2.0 previews Tomb Raider:Underworld

Gamer 2.0 reports:

''The Tomb Raider franchise has been through a healthy stretch as of late. With one of the best reworked ports to ever come out (Tomb Raider: Anniversary) and one of the most satisfying entries in the long-running series (Tomb Raider: Legend) garnishing critical acclaim, developer Crystal Dynamics has more to prove than just adding new levels with an intriguing story. Lara Croft's latest adventure shows specks of old school flair with plenty of new ideas and features that will make the latest Tomb Raider game a benchmark for adventure games to follow.

Simply put, Lara Croft is back and her adventure is better than ever.

Tomb Raider: Underworld will pit Lara against even bigger challenges, more formidable foes, and greater odds. While Legend had players traveling to faraway places in search of a lost treasure, Underworld will have a much more personal and historical feel to it, reminiscent of the stories that the first games were so notorious for. Such instances have you traveling to Mexico scavenging across the Mayan Ruins in search of lost clues, while other quests have you spelunking deep within ancient caves trying to decipher a mysterious language. The locations in Underworld are much more dynamic and approachable than ever before, offering the chance for players to enjoy their adventure while learning a thing or two in the process.''

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butterfinger3819d ago

I really hope these adventures are better than her movie adventures. lol. Tomb Raider has really fallen off the map recently, so I hope this catches us all off guard.