Rare games console stolen

Police are appealing for information following the theft of a rare and collectable games console from a house in Banbury.

An address in Hearthway was burgled in the early hours of Friday, June 20.

A number of items were stolen, including an X-box 360 with a limited edition design taken from the Japanese video game Eternal Sonata. The X-box is a rare collectors' item and is very distinctive.

Other items were also taken including a Hewlett Packard laptop computer, a PlayStation Portable (PSP), a white Nintendo DS, a silver digital camera, a silver iPod and a Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

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Mutley4163794d ago

They steal it but, they can`t use it(online) or they will get busted from the online ID`s?

GiantEnemyCrab3794d ago

That could very well happen. I would be contacting MS if this person already hasn't to see if the machine has been connected online at all since it was stolen.

As #3 said "i feel for you as a gamer" This is a major bummer.

redwingsrock3794d ago

War has changed.....ID controlled consoles! ID controlled gamertags!

DX F3NIX3794d ago

i feel for you as a gamer

Kirstenlottesovs3794d ago

Fawking thieves... Sometimes i wonder if the Iraqi punishment for theft is ok..
If you steal something, they cut off your hand.

DX F3NIX3794d ago

yea maybe they should kill you instead

vilmer3794d ago

If that was the case, you'd see the crime rate cut in half ;)

wallace10003794d ago

Thieves are total wastes of skin. I hope the owners ends up getting their console back.

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