New Eternal Sonata PS3 Screenshots

Today Namco Bandai Games released some new SCREENSHOTS for Eternal Sonata on the Playstation 3 hope you enjoy them they are amazing

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Le-mo3822d ago

*Sigh* You would think Namco would be smart enough to release this game worldwide for the PS3 during the RPG drought, but I guess they don't like money. Imagine how many copies they could've sold.

coolfool3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

At some point, bring it out everywhere.

Especially as you say, the ps3 needs RPGs.

crck3822d ago

Just have to wait until the paid exclusivity time in the US is closer to expiring before Namco can talk about it ala Bioshock.

butterfinger3822d ago

it's coming to the US. We really need some new RPGs!

darkwing3822d ago

yeah they think NA is all shooters ~_~

Silogon3822d ago

I wish the colors would transfer over that well onto the ps3 but sadly they probably won't. Those are some of the most vivid colors I've ever seen. It's got a really appeasing look to it. A calming one. This is why I hate FPS they're all the same. Diversity is a good thing and we're not getting it.

Every game out now is made of of Brown, green, grey & black. I'm tired of seeing these communistic colors bleed all over my screen!!!

JoelR3822d ago

You do realize those are PS3 screenshots right?

Silogon3822d ago

It's amazing how many disagrees I got for such an even kill, positive, message. Maybe it's because those morons want their bland, boring, run of the mill, FPS monopoly to reign on!!!!!

As for your question, yes. I am aware that those are on the ps3, however My computer monitor always displays way more color than my 1080p Bravia. My monitor is vastly superior than the new bravia tvs.

ZeroBlitz3822d ago

Why bash the PS3 when you think your TV sucks? The screenshots look amazing on my 720p TV which I also use as a PC monitor.

Silogon3822d ago

I didn't bash the ps3, learn to comprehend. I also didn't say my tv is crap. It's a 5000 dolar tv, it better not be. I simply said my Monitor produces a higher rez and the HD vids and the pics I see on here look better than most things I see on my tv.

Hope that clears things up.

ZeroBlitz3822d ago

"I wish the colors would transfer over that well onto the ps3 but sadly they probably won't."

Learn to write. If you don't think that sounds like a negative comment towards the ps3, then you're clearly the one with comprehension issues. None of us can assume your TV doesn't show colours correctly when you don't mention it in the initial comment. Where do you think all the disagrees come from?

JoelR3822d ago

As Zero said... we can't understand that it is your TV that is the issue... what version of the bravia do you have? You should not be experiencing that if you have the XBR series.

soul899er3822d ago

hey Siligon, im new here and ive noticed youve been trying to be neutral, hows that working out for you? im not being sarcastic, this is serious question, how can you keep up with it i dont think i can :[ ppl will take my bubbles..

SaiyanFury3822d ago

It's true that flat panel PC monitors display in a high resolution. I have a 22" widescreen monitor that displays at 1680x 1050. While the width isn't quite 1920, the height number is very close to 1080. That being said, my monitor is displaying at 1050p as it's not an interlaced signal. PC monitors, since they are generally smaller, tend to condense things whereas the same resolution on a large screen TV will look somewhat washed out compared to such a condensed and smaller image. I've hooked up my PC to my 61" 1080p HDTV and it looks a tad washed out when compared to being hooked up on my 22" monitor. Give the guy a break, he's not bashing the PS3, he's simply pointing out the difference between a smaller and more condensed image on a PC monitor and a larger, expanded image displayed on a TV.

Lew_Ijgee3822d ago

Hook you PS3 up to you computer monitor and quit complaining.

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coolfool3822d ago

Couldn't agree more, I was just having the exact same debate with my team mate here at work (yes, we're not getting anything done) and we said the same thing.

Swiftfox3822d ago

I suppose this will mean the inevidable compairison pics/vids of the PS3 version and the Xbox 360 Version. If the Ps3 version is better then Xbox 360 owners will state that there was more dev time.

If the other way is observed, then PS3 users will claim that it was an inadiquate port of an old game. While 360 users will state that it's simply a matter of superiority.

The company will come into question. The technical readouts will be thrown around. Peoples sexuallities and mental states will be questioned. Did I miss anything?

However this game might be coming under the radar of gamers. Who knows what the future holds for this game and poeples opinions of it.

kevnb3822d ago

because nobody bought the game, and the game isnt even any good.

LeBart3822d ago

This game is amazing.

kewlkat0073822d ago

anyone read my post comment #9, a short tidbit of the game below.

Don't listen to this guy...

titntin3822d ago

Don't know what you are talking about mate, but I'm willing to be t you didn't play the game?

Of course, its not everyones tastes, but this is my favourite RPG so far on the 360, and beats titles like blue dragon and Lost Odesee by a mile - at least for me. The telling of chopins real life story in the interlude cut scenes, added a link to real life life that only enhanced the 'other worldniess' of games setting and helped give me an appreciateion of the composers complex melodies.

If you long for a bit of 'mad jap rpg action like it used to be', this game can rekindle the spark, and if PS3 owners get the chance to sample it , thats great thing as the title deserved more respect and accolades than it recieved on the 360, who's audience don't appear to be big on bright colour!

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