What Does Bayonetta 2’s NPD Absence Mean?

NPD released their report from October detailing the top selling games of the month a couple days ago. Bayonetta 2, however, was nowhere to be seen. Nintendo followed up with a statement a few hours later, but once again, Bayonetta was not mentioned. Though they discussed the success of Super Smash Bros. 3DS and their big 3DS sellers over the years, there was nothing of everybody’s favorite Umbra Witch. So what does this mean? Did Operation Platinum fail? Did Bayonetta 2 sell horribly? What does it mean?

As far as we know, it means almost nothing.

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Metallox1463d ago

Interesting enough, Nintendo made comments on Pikmin 3 and Tropical Freeze, the first which sold 115K copies in August of 2013. I'm thinking that Bayonetta 2 made a similar quantity, but who knows.

As far as I know, Sunset Overdrive and Driveclub weren't mentioned in the monthly report either, so we don't have the complete numbers at all.

In future reports hopefully we can get the Lifetime sales of the three games.

radler1463d ago

Bayonetta 2, DriveClub and Sunset Overdrive weren't mentioned because they all sold like crap.

It sucks for Platinum Games since they do make great titles, but Viewtiful 101 flopped hard and I'm not surprised that Bayonetta 2 didn't perform very well either. There's a reason third parties have a reputation of selling abysmally on Nintendo consoles.

mydyingparadiselost1463d ago

P* games have a history of selling poorly EVERYWHERE. Bayo 1 performed poorly on its release, on consoles with far larger install base, Vanquish, Okami (might as well be P*), infinite space, etc. Metal Gear Rising is the only game I can think of that was a sales success, and that's in part because of the Metal Gear name.

tehpees31463d ago

If Bayonetta sold so well on 360 and PS3 the sequel would have come to the systems Platinum intended it to be on.

A lot of people focus specifically on sales figures of games when defending third parties but don't take into account that sales aren't cutting it anymore.

If sales are all that matter then explain why Tomb Raider, Bayonetta, Dead Space 3, Sleeping Dogs and Hitman are all stated by their publishers to be commercial failures.

Dev costs seem to be doing these games in anyway regardless of Nintendo. Bayonetta lifetime sales are over 2 million and it flopped? How does that happen? It was on the consoles which third parties praise so high so they can't blame Nintendo for that.

Darrius Cole1463d ago

There are about 3-4 million gamers who buy the type of high-end hack n' slash game that Bayonetta is, and they all have Playstations.

Bayonetta 1 didn't sell well because it was broken to the point of being literally unplayable on the PS3, where the hack n' slash gamers are.

Bayonetta 2 is not selling well because it is on the Nintendo, the system that people buy for the kiddie games. This was always a train wreck happening in slow motion.

wonderfulmonkeyman1463d ago

At last count, it was a little over 300K and rising, and it's not even to its first Christmas yet.

The first game needed 6 months to get anywhere near the final numbers it did, and Bay 2 is guaranteed to sell longer and better than the series did the first time round after all the attention it's gotten and all the recommendations it will continue to get as one of the best core titles of 2014.

Its lack of presence on the charts is a little worrying, but even if it only managed to sell 50K during that time, all it'd have to do is maintain that sales pace for the next few months and it'll easily reach the 500K mark, which'll be great for such a small install base compared to what the first game had to sell to.

freshslicepizza1463d ago

sunset overdrive had like 4 days in the months report, that's it. how many did driveclub have? they also dont count digital sales and bundles. which likely impacts driveclub and sunset more so than bayonetta.

LOL_WUT1463d ago

If it didn't sell well now, it surely won't do any better once Smash Bros gets released. As for operation platinum or whatever that same dedication should be applied to every Wii U 3rd party game exclusive or not. ;)

Dunban671463d ago

Bayo 1 sold 90k+ on Xnox and 1.16+ Million on PS3

Bayo 2 on Wii u has sold aprox 320k so far

We are along way off from either the xbox or Playstaion. Bayo 1 sales numbers so far - if the holiday sales don t lift it enough to come close to a 1 million (I don t think it will) then the Wii u exclusive may never catch up to those sales- another thing to remember is both I and II are included in the Wii inversion

I hate it for Platinum - they make some of the best games out there but so far the sales just are. Not there

BullyMangler1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Im sure Nintendo feels special that a game like Bayonetta 2 is exclusive to the wiiU

wiiU is for Hardcore Gamers . .

ps4 awaiting greatness

XB1 getting better

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Magicite1463d ago

anything thats not mario or pokemon related, fails on nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman1463d ago

Shovel Knight says otherwise.

tlougotg1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

We all know Bayo 2 did not sell that much, fans were making it seem as if it was the envy of all Sony and Microsft fans but the honest truth Bayo 1 sold barely more than a million on both consoles with an install base of 75 million each. It is the reason that Bayo 2 didnt come to Sony or XBOX, based on sales they didnt want to fund a game that wasnt going to turn a profit.

Yeah right Bayo was expected to be a money maker lol smh I never said it wasnt a good game just nothing ppl wanted to run out and buy.

SpiralTear1463d ago

Their loss. It's the best game released so far this year.

DoctorJones1463d ago

'in your opinion. '

It seems to be the opinion of a lot of reviewers who gave it 10/10 as well.

lodossrage1463d ago

People can give it a 0 out of 10 or a 10 out of 10, it's still JUST an opinion once all is said and done.

I don't see how people still put faith in "reviews" in this day and age anyway considering the MANY controversies that arose in the last generation alone.

wonderfulmonkeyman1463d ago

It's out-sold the first weeks' sales of the original, which took 6 months to do anything decent.
If it sells 50K a month[which it definitely will manage, and probably beat] from now till March or April, it'll hit 500K and will be on its way to 1M easy.

And that's before counting in digital sales, Black Friday, and Christmas.

You just sound bitter that you never got the chance to own it on the system your lips are glued to.

iliimaster1463d ago

i bought it first week it was out on chapter 10 on part one blazing my way though so i can get to part 2 and im having fun while doing so with a baby luigi doll on her belt buckle i love it

ZeekQuattro1463d ago

Too early to call. Its not like Black Friday and Christmas happened already.

jay21463d ago

Wii U is failing, simple as that, we knoew the sales are down, Nintendo are crying for games thats why they've got this and the YET AGAIN delayed Devils Third, there won't be a third game due to the sales of it.

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