Life with Playstation Video Demonstration

PS3 Fanboy:

"Were the pictures not enough? Now you can watch the globe in action with the above video showing the freshly announced Life with Playstation. Apparently, the globe isn't just a map but rather actual satellite imaging showing real-time cloud patterns. In addition to reading the news, it also appears you can browse the web and create a selection of music in your hard drive under a title, such as "relaxation", to suit your mood."

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MaximusPrime3527d ago

brilliant idea. Thank you for the video ;)

and thanks Sony!

Condoleezza Rice3526d ago

We should all be grateful that we've got a Multi Billion dollar company that is pushing new and innovative ways to experience their Star product.

Sony-You continue to outdo yourself,bravo!

Jim Crowslaw3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

it seems like TV'll soon be obselete wit this and the new movie DL feature comin*, it seems a ps3 is all u need

*See prior N4G gaming news for further details

EDIT: BTW, the song playin in the bkgd is really nice, but idk if its just me but it sounds just like that song they play over the PA at my job allllllll f*ckin day, idk the name of it but perhaps one of ya may, it goes: "its not right, its not gets harder each dayyyyyyyyy, and i bet hes on his not fine im not OKKKKKK..."


zane_78493526d ago

I couldn't understand anything that guy was talking about. He must have been from Texas or Oklahoma or something, I'm bad with accents.

Sheddi3526d ago

And I thought he was japanese :S
didnt understand anything from the beginning so i gave up and assumed he was japanese

uie4rhig3526d ago

Now that's innovation .. but i bet you that Microsoft will do the same within 1 month after this has been released (1 month being the time for them to study this carefully).. exclusively to Xbox Live Gold members lol

zane_78493526d ago

Once again a good reason for some kind of sarcasm button, thanks for being so genuine Sheddi but I was joking buddy.

marinelife93526d ago

That's why Sony was voted #1 by consumers as the most innovative company.

Sony comes up with some great ideas. They are anchoring me more and more to my couch for everything.

mikeslemonade3526d ago

It's funny how the Wii tried to do this with the weather channel and the news channel, but the Wii is just underpowered to do innovative stuff like this. This is where power really matters. I just laugh at the people who say the power or the graphics don't matter in a system.

Milky3526d ago

WTF are you lot talking about ? The Wii has had a globe news channel since its launch. This isnt as innovative as you think, although it is alot better than the wii one.

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mikeslemonade3527d ago

This looks like an awesome application I hope it's a free one.

Chubear3526d ago

This is simply beyond what any other console is doing.

NeonSkull3526d ago

I like alot, also towards the end of the video it shows a small music control widow that looks like the it is a ps3 system menu. I wonder if this was running on fw2.4 and that this was the music contol for ingame background music. I might be way off as the vid clip would not fullscreen for me.

crimsonfox3526d ago

they have all kinds of categories too that's nice.

celtics383526d ago

So its just the weather right

Chronopath3526d ago

nope local new too. and I believe that other applications are going to revolve around (no pun intended) the whole globe idea. I think I read something about pictures and videos being uploaded and bookmarked to certain places. Probably like a traveling reference utility.

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