Videos of Silent Hill: Homecoming (Off-screen gameplay)

Gamersyde writes:

"The Collective's Silent Hill: Homecoming was also at IDEF, and we brought you two gameplay videos showcasing both levels of the PS3 demo. The first one, about ten minutes long, takes place in the good ol' Alchemilla Hospital - exploration, puzzles and zombie nuns at the menu. The second one, shorter, takes place in a foggy cemetery populated with hungry skinned dogs. Luckily, I had a crowbar..."

Check the link for the two videos.

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Wolf8733819d ago

The game makes it obvious that it's developed by Americans. They borrowed that initial sequence from Jacob's Ladder, okay nice touch. But what's with those nurses walking in an awkward manner like in the movie? That to me was completely ludicrous. They should have stuck with the way they moved in the old games.

Also, I seriously prefer the transition of worlds by means of "Black-Out" rather than the peeling away of layers. That fade in and out gave an other-worldly feeling to it, like you've stepped into a different world altogether. Somethings are better left alone. Also, I didn't like the fact that we were "again" using those darn X-ray films as clues to solving a number-code, can't they come up with anything more creative. And what's with those darn kids always drawing pictures...geez...its getting old!

The only thing I appreciated from those videos were how you go from room to room, knifing your way and also no room "loading", rather you just walk in and doors actually "open" this time.

ShAkKa3819d ago

instead pressing the O button to shake off the dogs i would preffer if they implement the sixaxis motion shaking for that.

Sangria3818d ago

Note also that there are localized dammages on nurses (at least) and the film grain on the screen has totally disappeared, sadly.