GTA V Playstation 4 Day One Patch is 1.14 GB

Grand Theft Auto V is going to be released on Playsta­tion 4 and XBOX One tomor­row on Novem­ber 18th 2014. Playsta­tion 4 users will also have to get 1.14 GB Day One Patch before launch­ing the game to get the proper expe­ri­ence of GTA V on Next Gen­er­a­tion Console.

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M1ST4K31404d ago

Is this included in the pre-load?

GameSpawn1404d ago

Usually. It is a separate file download though, but starts downloading once the initial portion need to start the game installs.

Is it just me or are Day 1 patches becoming more and more common?

Are devs and publishers just pushing deadlines so hard they need to release a broken game to the presses to only quickly patch their screw ups on launch day?

Or is this a ploy so that those who get their hands on the game early and break street dates have to deal with a broken game until the real launch date?

M1ST4K31404d ago

Thanks, i thought so.

I think they do that so they can start shipping the game while still working on the game...

Eh... I have mixed feelings about that... For one side, you get to play them earlier, because the can keep "polishing" the final parts while preparing retail boxes, etc... But it can be exploited like AC:U... They send the game out and then patch it... It's Rockstar, though...

raWfodog1404d ago

I really don't see anything wrong with a Day One patch if it is being used for tweaks and optimization (as this one apparently is) because developers should never stop improving on the performance of their games even after they've 'gone gold'.

If the patch is being used to fix game-breaking glitches, then that is a problem. It's good that it's being fixed, but bad that the game was rushed out the door in order to meet a deadline (I'm looking at you Ubisoft).

USMC_POLICE1404d ago

Its like how Xbox does day 1 1 patch!

Pogmathoin1404d ago

1.14gig used to be enormous.... now you are happy with that considering other patch sizes recently....

Mega241404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

Yeah, I already downloaded it, just waiting for midnight.

Edit: Pacific time people get lucky!!!

FryFat1404d ago

Crushed servers are imminent!

HRoach6161404d ago

So stoked for this game. If your in Canada EB Games is having early releases at 9 tonight. Check the website to see if one near you is doing it. GameStop owns EB so GameStop may be doing it too. Not entirely sure. Just a heads up.

SuperBlur1404d ago

they dont in my area , they open at 8am tomorrow morning tho.. good thing i bought digital , will be playing it tonight :D

Sgt_Slaughter1404d ago

Is Gamestop having any deal for trade-ins on the old gen GTA V?

Would hate to have to spend another $60 if I can trade in my 360 version and only pay $10-30.

FryFat1404d ago

Don't see anything. Only $11.00 trade in credit. I traded my copy in last year for a PS4 controller through amazon, sweet deal then.

Mega241404d ago

There aren't any offers as of this moment, but like FryFat said, you can get close to $12 for the trade in.

Psychotica1404d ago

Target stores are offering $30 trade in for old gen towards the new gen. There was an article on N4G about it earlier today..

extravalue1404d ago

gonna take 6 hours to download this
based on my experiences with PSN

if you ask me what the S stands for, ill tell you
its definitely not speed

KwietStorm1404d ago

Good thing it's your experience and not mine.

InTheZoneAC1404d ago

so download it now and play it when it's available at midnight?

and stop trolling psn because it's definitely not slow

pedrof931404d ago

I don't know but form me it always have been faster I'll probablt download this in 7-10 minutes.

Clunkyd1404d ago

@extravalue You must have that Walmart connection. lol

Bytor1403d ago

Do you mean its gonna take 6 hours to install on your Xbone.

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