8 New Ghostbusters Screenshots

8 new gameplay images from the upcoming title developed by Terminal Reality.

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Silogon3823d ago

I can never tell here, do we get to make our own Ghostbuster or not? I always see a white dude and a black dude running around. It'd be sharp if we got to make our own since we can't play as the Cast, ya know?

this game looks pretty sharp, by the way. I just hope they make use of the sixaxis. Good use and not tacked on use.

coolfool3823d ago

but I thought the plot was that the player would take on the role of a new member of the Ghostbuster team. Whether that means a create-your-own character option I am not sure. Hopefully.

1stKnighT3823d ago


sorry I just couldn't resist.

Tomdc3823d ago


juuken3823d ago

I hope it plays just as well. :/

coolfool3823d ago

Lots of flashy proton pack effects, bits and pieces flying everywhere should all add up to a lot of fun to theory.

ban fans3823d ago

I like the effects and camera. Now let's just hope the gameplay can hold up, and that it isn't like a straight out shooter.

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