OXM UK: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review

OXM UK writes: "Everybody knew this was never going to appeal to anybody other than Aerosmith fans. With downloadable content still flowing for the original Guitar Hero III you wouldn't splash out on a single band's back catalogue unless you really like them. The surprise is that this disc somehow manages to leave Aerosmith fans feeling short-changed.

It does contain some excellent tracks, yes, but never shakes the sensation that this could have been more effective as DLC. We'd have loved the option to ignore the lesser-known Aerosmith tracks and cherry-pick some of the singles, plus a few of the support band songs. Given that the title contains no new gameplay features, it's content that could have easily been pumped into Guitar Hero III.

Even the cosmetic tweaks designed to entice Aerosmith fans are distinctly unimpressive. The video interviews that bookend each gig in Career mode are described as a 'celebration' of the band's career, to such an extent that rose-tinted glasses should probably come free with the game - and are poorly filmed to boot. There's also some confusion about the support acts and how they fit into the Aerosmith saga - there's no explanation offered, other than they were influences on the band."

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TheRocker91223825d ago

Just a sign of the upcoming game... No disrespect to GH fans