IBM: Managing the PlayStation 3 Wi-Fi Network

Terra Soft Solutions IT Manager Aaron Johnson shows you, step-by-step, how to configure and encrypt the built-in Wi-Fi network that comes with the Cell Broadband Engine - based Sony PlayStation 3. And, as a little bonus, get 16 quick steps that explain how to switch from a wireless network back to a wired network on the PS3.

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titntin3820d ago

This article is for using PS3 WiFi UNDER THE LINUX OPERATING SYSTEM.

Its of very little use to 99.9% of Ps3 users...

JoelR3820d ago

.01% will love it - and when it comes down to it - it is great information. Who cares if 99% can't use the info. This is a great article done by IBM for those who use their PS3s as High Performance Computing Research Platforms. And it is appreciated that IBM has been putting the time in to create these tutorials.

RAM MAGNUMS3820d ago

Its always very hard to find the little things about my ps3.
I hope more news that helps educate users about their ps3 will come.
Theres alot of funtionality, but I myself does not know too much about computers.

Tetsuryu3820d ago

No problem, though I will give credit to Run_bare for the find.

Drakol3820d ago

but too bad I have a Mac =(

Gonna let my friends know aboot this, though.

JoelR3820d ago

The info can help you link to a mac - you just need to set the right extensions up ^_-

try sources like for help

(you find things like this)

Drakol3820d ago

Thanks for the tip =)

Now we need more games for Macs...