PS3 Getting Late 90s Ero-Game

Apparently erotic computer game White Album will find a new home on the PLAYSTATION 3. The risky romance simulation title from ero-game developer Leaf was originally released in 1998, so this PS3 version sounds like a complete overhaul. The game follows a young college student that's involved with a rising pop star. Game mechanic: The focus is on a current relationship and not making a new girlfriend. Don't expect the PS3 incarnation to be as saucy as the PC version.

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Le-mo3794d ago

I've never played an erotic video game before, please come to the U.S.!

Alexander Roy3794d ago

They aren't as good as you think. When you played one, you know them all.

Le-mo3794d ago

That's the point, I haven't played any so they'll be good to me haha.