TeamXbox: Ticket to Ride Review

TeamXbox writes: "If there's one thing you've got to give to the Xbox LIVE Arcade, it's that the service has evolved to a point that it's not just for the hardcore gamers or nostalgic trips down memory lane anymore. XBLA has become Microsoft's front line offensive in getting a piece of the casual gaming pie. One way it's done this is by drawing the attention of those whose idea of "Game Night" involved a board, some dice, a few cards, and a whole box of tiny little plastic pieces. The latest game to make the jump from analog to digital is the XBLA release of the Alan R. Moon's popular board game, Ticket to Ride.

Set during the Railroad Boom of the mid to late 1800's, Ticket to Ride pits up to five players against each other in a race to build the biggest and best railway connecting destinations in the United States and parts of Canada. The game starts with players picking two Destination cards from a random drawing of three. Players work to build railways connecting the cities listed on their Destination cards. Using train cars of eight different colors, along with Locomotive car wildcards, players build their railways across the nation."

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