TeamXbox: Damnation Preview

TeamXbox writes: "In the United States' "real" history, the American Civil War lasted almost exactly four years from the day it began. In the alternate reality of the forthcoming Damnation, the Civil War has carried on through the turn of the new century, and, in light of the extended conflict, an opportunistic businessman named Prescott has taken advantage of the wartime economy to build up his Prescott Standard Industries arms factory into quite a lucrative venture.

But Prescott isn't happy with just his immense wealth. No, he wants to take over the country, via a well-armed militia of private soldier/minions who fight for his cause by trying to wipe out the Union and Confederate armies. At the point where the game begins, the East Coast is already decimated and it looks like Prescott is on his way to achieving his sinister goals."

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