UGO: Plunder Preview

UGO writes: "Yeeaaarrrrgh! Grab me some rum! I need to upgrade my cannons! Huh?

Who would've thought that rum was a valuable resource for upgrading pirate ships? Apparently someone over at Certain Affinity, the studio behind XBLA and PSN game Plunder thinks it does. Plunder is a real-time strategy game that puts you in control of a pirate ship as it captures towns and resources, all in an effort to spread your pirate-y ways and… make money?

Hell, I don't actually know the motivation for all the events in Plunder, but I can suspect that the story will be bare bones, at best. Of course, that's probably not the reason you'll be playing the game if you manage to give it a download later this summer. You'll be playing to dominate all your friends."

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