Never Rob A Videogame Store Without A Gun

Several men were caught robbing a videogame store in Jacksonville, Florida, where police shot and killed the guy that didn't have a gun.

Police say they saw a gun on one of the robbers, but they somehow managed to not shoot that guy and instead killed Artavious Edmond Debose, an unarmed man. So it would seem that the odds are strangely in your favor to not get shot if you yourself are packing heat.

I know what you may be thinking. You don't want to get capped, but you don't have a gun, right? Maybe you should carry a fake gun to keep yourself safe from the po-po's wrath, make them at least think you are strapped. Wrong again.

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RememberThe3573493d ago

Stupidest thing I've read in a while. Don't these cops have a shooting range to polish up on their aim. I mean come on, they shot the wrong guy...

sunnygrg3493d ago

But really, a very stupid article.

Tomdc3493d ago

how is that funny? Its sick you'd laugh at something like that...

sunnygrg3493d ago

I wasnt laughing at the death of the robber, but at the stupidity of the article claiming that you shouldnt rob a shop without a gun. The headline of the article, I believe, should be made more appropriate. There is enough trouble already in America with guns.

thisguywithhair3493d ago

The guy with no gun prolly just surprised the cops thats all. they were already on edge when they saw the gun and then another guy comes out of no-where. Happens all the time.

Lumpyluf3493d ago

"It happens all the time" why would you know that, ive never heard of anything like it.
And i agree, what a stupid article

sumfood4u3493d ago

lol someone had to say it!

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Twizlex3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Like the guy in the article said, the cops need to spend more time playing first-person shooters so they can hit their targets instead of unarmed people.

Jim Crowslaw3493d ago

Playin a FPS and firing an actual gun accurately takes more skill than a Video game can ever teach u

thisguywithhair3493d ago

Actually their training does involve a real gun. Those shooting simulators (the ones I have seen ne ways) use real guns hooked up to sensors (kind of like a light gun). the only problem is that they have no recoil.

micro_invader3493d ago

Never rob a video game store period.

Twizlex3493d ago

That's so narrow-minded. Stores need robbed! Down with consumerism!

I'm just kidding. Seriously, don't rob videogame stores - that would just make games more expensive for the rest of us.

Twizlex3493d ago

How do you figure? If videogames were constantly being stolen, measures would need to be taken to prevent them from being stolen, and that will cost money. You don't think that will trickle down to your wallet? That's incredibly naive.

xhairs93493d ago

because we'd all be robbing them constantly so who's to stop us?

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Twizlex3493d ago

I wish it said what they stole so we could have us a nice, tasty flame war.

3493d ago
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