Gamespot: Europa Universalis III: In Nomine Review

Paradox Interactive's outstanding real-time strategy game can already be characterized as falling somewhere between "vast" and "so big you need a doctorate in European history to make heads or tails out of this thing." Despite making the game even bigger, the In Nomine expansion's superb collection of tweaks actually provides more focus to campaigns and makes it easier to hone in on how to best lead a nation from a mere great power to a world-spanning colossus. New features, such as scripted scenario goals and rebel factions, keep you concentrated on the big picture, while fine-tuned elements, such as colonies and the powers of the papacy, allow you to further indulge a love for historical micromanagement.

The Good:
* Decisions and specific mission objectives are great additions
* Longer timeline allows campaigns to encompass the fall of Byzantium and the Hundred Years' War
* More realistic rebel factions.

The Bad:
* The core Europa Universalis III game could still use an interactive tutorial.

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