GP: Race Driver: GRID review

The complete racing package, Race Driver GRID is perfectly tuned to produce a fine balance between fun and realism. A large range of classes means the comparatively small number of cars does nothing to detract from the sense of scale.

Race Driver: GRID is essentially the continuation of the V8 Supercars/TOCA Race Driver series, but has moved away from the original series in all the best possible ways. Gone are the linear and irritating video style presentations of the past, where you are in the shoes of a young driver with your manager and pit-boss constantly breathing down your neck.

You now start off creating your own persona, with the ability to even select what you would like to be called by your manager and your team over the pit-radio from a substantial list of real names, male and female, and nicknames. This is one of those little features we have been wishing for ever since racing games were first developed, and it's finally been realised.

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